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UPDATED: Dave vs. Sarah, Round 2

Palin-letterman-b Don't look for Sarah Palin to be cozying up to Dave Letterman any time soon.

Palin said in a statement to Fox News.com Thursday that she and her husband "have no intention of providing a ratings boost to David Letterman by appearing on his show."

The snub came after the "Late Show" host held out an olive branch -- sort of -- to the Alaskan governor Wednesday night after upsetting her and her family the previous night with several jokes, including one that referred to her daughter being "knocked up" by New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. Palin and her 14-year-old daughter Willow had attended a Yankees game. Palin's other daughter, Bristol, recently gave birth.

In an eight-minute monologue that was part apology, part clarification, Letterman simultaneously defended the crass nature of the jokes while denying the Palins' accusation that he was advocating having sex with an underage girl. He then invited Palin to come on his show, calling her "an absolutely lovely woman." He quipped that she and her husband, Todd, could come to New York as his guests, or "leave Todd at home."

The incident is the latest skirmish Letterman has had with political figures in recent months. He has clashed in the last year with Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly.

Those conflicts scored headlines for the host, and this latest uproar comes at a time when he is locked in a seesaw ratings battle with Conan O'Brien, the new host of "The Tonight Show." Letterman is expected to respond to Palin's smackdown on his Thursday show.

Whether the talk show host does or not, Palin is slated to discuss the controversy on NBC's "Today" Friday morning. Stay tuned.

-- Greg Braxton

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There was obviously an egregious error on the part of the writers that provide Mr. Letterman with his material. I would suspect that Mr. Letterman wasn't aware that the younger Palin was in attendance of the game.
I am very disappointed in who ever made the statement "Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman." This is borderline slanderous and discouraging.
One would think that it is necessary to understand in order to forgive. Apparently there is no understanding on the Palins aids part.
Perhaps the aids have considered this to be advantageous media attention and feel it necessary to fan the flames to garner further coverage. Play with fire and get burned kiddies. Remember the golden rule, do unto others......

Time for fire Letterman, and short CBS stock. Just sold all my holdings regarding this incident. Cannot believe he is getting away with the comments he made regarding a 14 year old girl.

Obviously, Palin can't take a joke. Doesn't Palin know that Dave's job is to make adults laugh because that is what draws people. Now an on going 'family feud' will draw even more for his ratings. Besides, she like to keep in the headlines also so there you are.

Keep the jokes coming Dave and Palin will be kept busy trying to act upset about it all.

Jokes drew a big laugh. Dave did his job and so did Palin because she wants to keep the feud going so she can stay in the limelight.

Gee... a late night talk show host made a joke at someone's expense. He even exaggerated some recent event related to that person to make the joke! Oh NO! Why, that is completely out of character and completely unexpected from someone in his position.

Mrs. Palin - Just be glad you're getting any attention. Now please be quiet and go away.

I certainly will not tune in to see what Dave has to say. I don't care. Could he have done this just to boost his ratings when he is being clobbered by Conan? He is even lower than I believed him to be.

I guess that's how some older men get their sexual kicks - by making sexual jokes about children. Can you imagine what would have happened if he had made jokes like that about Clinton's daughter when she lived in the White House? BTW, calling Palin a slutty stewardess is just another sexual comment. I guess Letterman doesn't know how to handle smart, articulate and beautiful women who happen to hold differing political views. Is he too afraid to debate her one on one without jokes?

Dave is desperate for ratings...so he pulls this tasteless stunt. He is not funny anymore and he is just trying to play to his ultra-left audience that HATES anything on the right.

What Letterman did was foolish. He spoke derogatorily about someone's children. I'm sure he would not allow anyone to speak in like fashion about his children (if he were a father who saw as his duty the protection of his family). Furthermore, if he didn't have such high estimate of himself, he would have apologized for his faux pas and then let it go; but he persisted in ridiculing the Palins in his half-baked expression of regret.

boo hiss, Palin is a pig and her daughter is a tramp.

Where is all the outrage? Oh, I'm sorry I forgot, Palin is a Republican so her daughters, regardless of their age, are fair game for degrading jokes. I hope the Palins consider the source and realize how irrelevant Letterman has become.

Nail her, Dave!

Nail her, Dave!


I'm from the Indianapolis area -- but have never cared for Dave's brand of "humor?" Of course the local paper isn't commenting on this latest outrage from David's mouth. Got to keep the home-town boy happy I guess.

Lib's will do anything/agree to anything to promote their agenda/take care of their friends/try to get higher ratings with slutty stuff. Sad.

Talk about calling the kettle black -- who is Dave to make crude remarks about the Palin's daughter. Here he has "shacked up" with some woman for years/had an illegimate child and his fans ignore it/ think he's wonderful. BAH!!!!

How was it "part apology, part clarification" when it accomplished neither?

If you are under 13 years of age you may read this message board, but you may not participate.
Also, David Letterman would like you to add him as a Myspace friend and wonders if you drink Mike's Hard Lemonade.

First of all, his comments on Wednesday night were NOT an apology. He was so sarcastic and never said he was sorry. I bet he wouldn't think it so funny if someone made jokes about his "bastard" son Harry. He's a celebrity, so is his son "fair-game"? I think not. Leave the kids alone.

And yes, if he had "joked" about someone (The first lady? Her daughters?) being "nappy-headed-hos" he'd be fired by now. What a jerk.

Letterman has no class. Totally biased, he'd never say that about a liberal's kid. Leave the politician's kids alone; offlimits.

Who cares. Politicians use their kids to get elected so they should definitely be on the menu for guys like Lettermen and that includes our president, which of course Letterman and the vast majority of the press would never do. But again, who cares. We all know this. Let the people decided and let Todd Palin do what I'd do if he was speaking about my daughter like that. First I'd ask to go on his show, which Lettermen wouldn't be able to resist. Then on live TV we'd discuss how hurt I was... or something like that. It's time for Todd to man up on this one. For a father this should be quite personal.

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