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Review: 'Hitched or Ditched'

May 25, 2009 |  2:40 pm

Twenty years ago, the premise, not to mention the title, of the CW's new reality series “Hitched or Ditched” would have made perfect sense as a romantic comedy, possibly starring Julia Roberts. Due to circumstances outside their control, a longtime couple is given a week to plan and execute a free and fabulous "dream wedding" with the final outcome -- will both say "I do"? -- an open question until the wedding official leads them through the actual vows.

Instead, Ms. Roberts is nowhere to be seen, and "Hitched or Ditched" takes us one step closer to whatever the lasting legacy of reality television will be. A populist revolution in which the lives of people who are not cops or docs or lawyers finally shoulder their way into network prime time? A country in which every citizen has one or another personal crisis or milestone televised?

Who knows. But for all it's squirm-inducing premise, "Hitched or Ditched" offers a surprisingly clear and contained window not only on a certain segment of modern romance, but the pressures that surround it. And because we get a new couple each week, the segments move right along, mercifully devoid of the drawn-out and manipulative "tensions" that plague so many television shows, both

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