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Review: 'Bones' finale

Bones TV critic Mary McNamara talks about those sexual hallucinations on "Bones."

What is it with Fox and the season finale sexual psych-outs? First we discover that the consummation of the House/Cuddy relationship, so vividly if briefly portrayed in last week's episode, was not just a figment of House's Vicodin-addled imagination but a symptom of Actual Mental Illness. (Loved the brooding Thornfield-esque mental institution into which House disappears during the finale's final moments -- I did not know they had moors in New Jersey.)

Now, after months of flirtatious magazine covers and Internet teasers about "Bones," we find out that the big “Bones and Booth Hit the Sheets" episode was similarly rigged.

After 40 or so minutes of a more-gray-than-noir story line that had Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) happily married and owners of a nightclub where a murder has been committed, it all turned out to be either a Booth coma-dream or a Bones novel-outline. The season ended with Booth, having survived his brain-tumor removal, looking at Bones and asking "Who are you?"

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Hey thanks for spoiling the House ending in the Bones review for those of us with DVRs and a lot of work to do this week.

"it all turned out to be either a Booth coma-dream or a Bones novel-outline."
None of the above, actually.

Gee, thank a lot for including House information, that I was studiously avoiding, in a Bones article. And a huge spoiler nonetheless.

Yeah, the much-promoted bed scene turned out to be bogus, but for those of us addicted to the show...it was a good finale. To see the Bones characters playing not-their-regular-parts was kinda fun. Especially with all the winks and nods to old episodes and story arcs.

(Note to the Mr. Hanson: Brennan doesn't know that Zack didn't actually kill the lobbyist...)


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