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Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton leaving 'One Tree Hill'

Oth It's seems unreal, but a rep for the CW tells us it's true: Lucas and Peyton are moving out of "One Tree Hill."

Rumors that the shows stars, Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, would not be returning for the show's seventh season began circulating in February when the CW announced a series renewal without specifying which cast members would be back.

Soon after, a video of Murray talking to his fans surfaced. Seemingly unaware he was being filmed, the actor told fans, "They're not bringing me back next year ... because they want to save money." He even encouraged them to rally behind him: "Start blogging and being pissed off."

In April, "One Tree Hill" executive producer Mark Schwann told a crowd in Paris that all of the actors had signed on for Season 7, except for Murray and Burton. "They're in negotiations right now and I know they've been offered great things, and hopefully they'll decide to come back. If they don't that's always a possibility...[the show] has made it through some of the riskier moves we've done."

Looks like the public negotiating didn't take. A rep for the network confirms the two are out, and EW.com additionally reports that two new characters will be introduced next season. Austin Nichols, who play's Brooke's man Julian, meanwhile, will be upped to a series regular.

When last we saw the blissfully happy Lucas and Peyton, they had just been married. Unfortunately, in the final moments of Monday's episode, a very pregnant Peyton began to bleed and passed out cold on their honeymoon bed.

Does this news spell trouble for Peyton? She did record those video messages to her baby a couple of weeks ago (in an episode directed by "One Tree Hill's" own James Lafferty). And what about Lucas? His heart's been ticking fine for some time.

Guess we'll all find out what happens to the pair together during Monday's season finale.

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray. Credit: The CW

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I have never missed an episode of OTH for the past sixe season. However I will no longer be watching or supporting this show anymore. How can you drop the main character of the show?! Uh this pisses me off!

i love one tree hill but with out chad michle murry not going to watch the show anymore he makes the show great now the show will not worth my time or money

i own one tree hill season one through six. i basically only watch it for Lucas and Peyton. im not going to lie. im not going to watch season seven without them. i loved the ending of season six with them in it but its just not right. viewers will be lost the show shouldn't even go on. they are what made the show. they are the main characters, why are they leaving? i think the viewers should know the truth of why they are truly leaving.....

without those two the show ill be nothing..sigh... how come they make unwise decisions such as this??it totally sucks!!! i hope they'll be back for the 8th season and or in the middle of the 7th season... im so pissed!!! if they will axe somebody out of the show it would have to be the most boring couple haley and nathan...

I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY DID THAT! lucas was my favorite and i have loved his character since the beginning.. i do not know if i even want to watch the new season.. and that is saying a hell of a lot for me!

I loveee one tree hill and it wont be the same without lucas and peyton. Lucas is THE mainchatacter! I started watching the show in season three and thought lucas and brook where so good together but i wasent keeping up in watching it and i only saw like four episosodes of season two some of season three little of season four and not all much of season five. But recently one day i was bored and decided to watch all season of it starting with one and i got so addicted to the show i watched it for six days straight on my computer and i relized how perfect luke and peyton are together! This comming from someone who thought he was ment to be with brook and hated peyton means alot!! Im still gonna watch season seven just to see what it would be like and hope and pray that they being them back. I know for a fact its either they bring them back for season eight or the shows going to be cancelled and there won't be a season eight witch would really suck.


seeing as this has only been proven true on the CW site, I may being watching a very few epiodes before changing the channel to something new. This is a very bad decison on The CW's part. 6 seasons ago the show started off with Chad Michael Murray as Lucas and has focused solely on his character and events in his and close friends events.This here is a very BIG MISTAKE, i dont see the show coming back for an 8th season.

I love one tree hill, i would say that i'm emotionally involved with one tree hill. I hang with a group of girls once a week when OTH is on (we all take the night off from work and find babysitters)and we call that our superbowl! what i'm tring to say is that i cant wait for season 7 to start, yes it sucks that lucas and peyton are no longer with the show but look at it this way, you start off with one chapter, it eventually has to end, and now it's time to start a new chapter. i think the producer, director, etc. of OTH know what they are up against with out lucas and peyton so i can bet they have been putting fourth alot of effort to make season 7 an exciting one.
Don't knock it til you try it!!!!!!

i cant beleive this i love one tree hill so much but if LUCAS and PEYTONN arent in it then whats the point in watching i probably will though it practically based on LUCAS!

I personally think that the ratings of "one tree hill" are about to drop cuz its not gonna be the same without peyton and lucas. I meant i thought the show was suppose to be about the brothers lucas and nathan and now one of the brothers are leaving, its not gonna be the same. They was my fav. couple(nathan & haley too), i mean every since season one i've being wanting them to be 2getha and now just like that their gone. Its not right and its not fair to the fans. :(

this is going to suck it is not a show without them!

Is this some sort of a disastrous trend that tv shows are going on? OTH without Peyton or Lucas, Scrubs without JD....? What's the point in continuing the story line without the main characters? It's the foundation of the whole show and you just can't remove that, they may aswell have just finished OTH off, ratings will decline and OTH will end with bad reputation much like "Heroes" did, that too should have ended after the first season. You can't just make Luca and Peyton get married after 6 seasons and have a baby and then not do a follow up after story, that is ridiculous. Whoever is being tight with the money towards Hilarie & Chad are being stupid.

i think bye gettin ride of chad nd hilarie u'll loss ur teen fan's...they make the show wtf r u ppl doing to the show.i remember the first time i watched one tree hill i was like who is that sexy man......i said wow lucas nd payton should be together. why r u ppl so big 4 money that u want to get ride of chad four??.....bye doing that ur losein me as a fan.......nd i can tell u this now no one is gunna watch it.chad brings in all the fan's...he;s what make's the show.........so u lose me as a fan.

thats stuped.....

This was a huge mistake made by The Cw. How the &$! can you get rid of the MAIN CHARACTER?!?!?!?!?! This whole show as based on LUCAS, and his life. WHAT SENSE IS THERE IN GETTING RID OF LUCAS, IF HE WAS THE MAIN CHARACTER?! I am watching the show now, and I am honestly bored to tears because ONE TREE HILL will not last, without Lucas and Peyton being cast. I will not watch this show anymore, and I know a ton of people who have been loyal One Tree Hill fans since the season began, WILL NOT WATCH THIS SHOW ANYMORE. Yeah, great job,CW Network. That was a real smart move on your part. YEAH RIGHT.

a lot of people wont be wacthing one tree hill any more because they wont be returning. i no the show wont be the same with out them the show is not complet.i dont undersytand why they got rid of lucaus and payton to save money then why did they 2 more people for the show.
because now they still arnt saving money


Extremely upset that Lucas and Peyton will not be in the 7th season. I purchased the entire series after my BF told me about OTH. I am so disappointed that I may not watch anymore. The cast was perfect just the way it was. How can you after 6 years drop 2 of the most important people?? UGH... frustrated!! I KNOW that this will def. decrease the volume of viewers!!

Sincerely Yours,
Missn' Peyton and Lucas =(


It is very sad that the true main characters are no longer on this show. I doubt I will watch it again either. Everyone routes for the love of a lifetime story, which Lucas and Peyton played out for six years and I regret it is over just like that. My other comment: does anyone know how to spell these days? After reading these comments, I am hoping that CW does not hold spelling issues against the fans, otherwise none will be taken seriously.

This is ridiculous! Lucas and Peyton made the show!
why bring back One Tree Hill for s 7th season if you're just going to ruin it!

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