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Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton leaving 'One Tree Hill'

Oth It's seems unreal, but a rep for the CW tells us it's true: Lucas and Peyton are moving out of "One Tree Hill."

Rumors that the shows stars, Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, would not be returning for the show's seventh season began circulating in February when the CW announced a series renewal without specifying which cast members would be back.

Soon after, a video of Murray talking to his fans surfaced. Seemingly unaware he was being filmed, the actor told fans, "They're not bringing me back next year ... because they want to save money." He even encouraged them to rally behind him: "Start blogging and being pissed off."

In April, "One Tree Hill" executive producer Mark Schwann told a crowd in Paris that all of the actors had signed on for Season 7, except for Murray and Burton. "They're in negotiations right now and I know they've been offered great things, and hopefully they'll decide to come back. If they don't that's always a possibility...[the show] has made it through some of the riskier moves we've done."

Looks like the public negotiating didn't take. A rep for the network confirms the two are out, and EW.com additionally reports that two new characters will be introduced next season. Austin Nichols, who play's Brooke's man Julian, meanwhile, will be upped to a series regular.

When last we saw the blissfully happy Lucas and Peyton, they had just been married. Unfortunately, in the final moments of Monday's episode, a very pregnant Peyton began to bleed and passed out cold on their honeymoon bed.

Does this news spell trouble for Peyton? She did record those video messages to her baby a couple of weeks ago (in an episode directed by "One Tree Hill's" own James Lafferty). And what about Lucas? His heart's been ticking fine for some time.

Guess we'll all find out what happens to the pair together during Monday's season finale.

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray. Credit: The CW

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bring them bccccccccccccccccck<3

i know it's been a while since Lucas and Peyton been off the show but the reason i stoped watching one tree hill was because there was new chracters added,not that im complaning but One tree hill was one of my favorite shows!!!i barely found out that they were kicked off,it was a huge shock,well im sorry to say but CW lost a good Fan,i stayed up every night just to watch the show,now it's not the same without Lucas and Peyton,i hope u give this a thought

i used to watch this show faithfully. ever since the day chad and hillarie left i have not turned it back on. this is what happened with "the oc" as well. cmm was the main character in this show. they made it too easy. its very depressing to know that the show will never be the same.

It is BIGGEST mistake of CW to let him go, Honestly the story of One Tree Hill was Based on him more than anyone else,and he was doing most greatfully things to be with Hilarie Burton!What i believe without those dudes the shw is absolutely END!

it is better they bring back chad and hilarie because without them there is nothing in ONE TREE HILL .please bring them back or else you have just lost a big fan of ONE TREE HILL

So this is old news but i have my disapppointmemt has been refreshed in rewatching the seasons. And, not to mention how annoying it is to see commercials tht claim to be OTH but is missing two key elements, lucas and peyton, ring a bell....
Ok so why doesnt the CW take some pointers from FOX. Hello, the OC, at least knew they needed to end it when they dumped Misha. Get a clue CW. No one wants to watch a show that is going no where. We have been watching Lucas and Peyton for years and they are finally together and you dump them. Also, the basis of one tree hill is Lucas as the lead. You riped away your foundation. Now you are no where. I have been a fan since 2003 and I stopped watching after 2009. I only consider seasons 1-6 or more 1-4 as original tree hill. One of the biggest things tv producers need to know is when to end it. Unfortunately, one tree hill has fallen into the trap of running far too long and losing sight of what they originally started with...

I just hope this a joke.why do you think we enjoy the show?

Factually, d 2 guys absence kills my mind all d times

I was very sad to hear about Lucas and Peyton not returning. It is sad. However some of the comments made about them in the negative side,,,,,you people are wrong.....Lucas always belonged to Peyton and always will. I will miss the characters. Good Luck in the Future

I feel as thought chad nd hilarie should retrune to the show
i've watched One TreeHill for some time now the show has went on but
its just not the same with them :( but if some peple really miss them you can watch the old shows on sope net tv i miss them aww come back its just not the same

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