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Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton leaving 'One Tree Hill'

Oth It's seems unreal, but a rep for the CW tells us it's true: Lucas and Peyton are moving out of "One Tree Hill."

Rumors that the shows stars, Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, would not be returning for the show's seventh season began circulating in February when the CW announced a series renewal without specifying which cast members would be back.

Soon after, a video of Murray talking to his fans surfaced. Seemingly unaware he was being filmed, the actor told fans, "They're not bringing me back next year ... because they want to save money." He even encouraged them to rally behind him: "Start blogging and being pissed off."

In April, "One Tree Hill" executive producer Mark Schwann told a crowd in Paris that all of the actors had signed on for Season 7, except for Murray and Burton. "They're in negotiations right now and I know they've been offered great things, and hopefully they'll decide to come back. If they don't that's always a possibility...[the show] has made it through some of the riskier moves we've done."

Looks like the public negotiating didn't take. A rep for the network confirms the two are out, and EW.com additionally reports that two new characters will be introduced next season. Austin Nichols, who play's Brooke's man Julian, meanwhile, will be upped to a series regular.

When last we saw the blissfully happy Lucas and Peyton, they had just been married. Unfortunately, in the final moments of Monday's episode, a very pregnant Peyton began to bleed and passed out cold on their honeymoon bed.

Does this news spell trouble for Peyton? She did record those video messages to her baby a couple of weeks ago (in an episode directed by "One Tree Hill's" own James Lafferty). And what about Lucas? His heart's been ticking fine for some time.

Guess we'll all find out what happens to the pair together during Monday's season finale.

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray. Credit: The CW

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I completely agree with Jess. I still love the show because of Sophia and all them but without Chad and Hilarie the show is nothing. I don't want them to cancel. But BRING THEM BACK!!! Before the show gets even worse!!!

Oh and I really think that it was an extrmely STUPID move to get rid of the two main stars. They've been theere since the begining and you guys ruined the show!! THANKS ALOT!

i have been watching this show from the beginning and now they are talking about cancelling it and everyone wonders why! lucas not peyton is the reason why this show started its fan base off with the story line of lucas. they need to bring him back and the baby and kill peyton off and the show would have monster ratings again. in my opinion that is the only way to save the show give chad michael murray his money and get rid some of the extra riff raff on the show and thats all i got to say about that!

Wat do u think happen 2 hilarie?bcos d story abt her and the baby is not realy clear.is chad stil dating her?

OK so i've been watchin One Tree Hill on SoapNet right. And i absolutely love it and everything but the only reason why i watch it is because i wanted to see Lucas and Peyton together. Now that thats happened I was so set on watchin them all happy and everything. And if you watch it on SoapNet you know after every season it starts over again and then a new season comes on. I was sooo excited to see the new season so i looked it up and i read this. This is the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. I just want to let them know I will not be watching this again. Its been a wonderful 6 seasons but this is really stupid and pointless. The show was basically based on Lucas and Peyton and their friends and their lives. I will not watch a show that lets go of their main characters and the show will just not be good!!! I mean you've watched them since the beginning building up to the moment when they are married and happy. Now what we want to see is them like Nathan and Haley happy but if they won't give us that then forget i'm not watching it Sorry!!!

i tried watching season 7, but 6 episodes into it, i kinda got bored, because i was a big leyton fan, and without them, there's just nothing to look forward to anymore. i think the show is still good especially with Mark Schwann and all his talent, but it's just no the same. i don't think i want the show to have an 8th season unless they bring lucas and peyton back. that's the only way this show could bring back its greatness. and if season 7 is the indeed the last, i really hope we'll see chad and hilarie back at least for the finale. this show started with them, it should end with them.

ALL of my friends and i used to watch One Tree Hill but NOT ANYMORE! i think it is rediculous that they are no longer showing the two main actors but heyy they want to save monet well now they are losing money bc from what i know no one is watching One Tree Hill. Why did they just leave all the fans hanging like that.. they should have just killed them off the show.. ughhh without them in the show theres no point of watching!!!

if they want one tree hill to LAST they need to bring back chad and hilarie next season! ihave watched all the seansons since i was little and this season sucks with out them i kinda dont even watch it anymorecw need to bring them back

The season without Peyton and Lucas was just ok. I love OTH and it was like someone in the family gone.. Mark, If you can??? bring them back!!!!!. They were magic on screen and touched the lives of every character on OTH in someway. Mark, you are a talent that leaves me speechless sometimes so negotiate whatever and bring them back

the first second i saw one tree hil i loved and it was as if something opened up in my life but now lucas and peyton are leaving that something has shut i am finished every episode and as lucas says it was only the beggining so thanks for a great 6 series and now the rest dont matter so sorry cw but u should really rethink that decision

Okay. This makes me soo mad! Brooke is great with Sam and everything and so is Haley and Nathan but are the freaking kidding me? I only watched the show for Lucas and Peyton! Im not kidding! Comon now! They were the best couple and everyone loved them! They were MEANT to be in the show! If they dont atleast make visits from LA or something like that im soo done because thats a whole load of BS!

the most awful decision they've ever made.

I like brooke and sam there great actor's but lucas and peyton are great too they know how to survive love.and i want them to stay on there i love this show so much i have to watch almost everyday! and please come back on lucas and peyton u are great actors!!!!!

this is absoloutely crazy i have every season on dvd open and rebought them to have them sealed and the only reason i wathed the show is 1. chad michael murray 2.sophia bush and 3. hilarie now that hilarie and chad is gone i will not own season 7 nor did i watch it on tv because the show would just not be the same with out those 2 and i think now the shows time is up it time they put an end to it or bring back our two favorite people

I watched one episode of season 7, it's not worth it.. Peyton and Lucas where part of the main cast and removing them isint going to help the show move forward.. it's like a complete different show. The new caracthers will never replace what Peyton and Lucas had.. Who didint want to see Sawyer grow up, lucas a father, Peyton's mothering.. CW do yourselfs a favor and put back Peyton and Lucas where they were..

Hi i have been watching this show since it began and i do not agree with cutting peyton and lucas because the show began as a result of their life and liove for one another. Most other characters would not even be thought of without the two of them, which the story line has kind of lost meaning. Haley trying to commit suicide not once but twice, if lucas was there he could have helped her get back on her feet. haley's sisters "Really" they were never a vital part of her life but now that her and n ate have moolah they would be right there!!!! Red Bedroom records would not exist without peyton and why would it continue without her. Lucas and Peyton were One Tree Hill and i think that they should come back maybe from a cruise with karen and andy as well as lilly you know how jamie grew up and us as the fans have a right to know how sawyer scott will grow up. They battled to be together and they had to leave the show after they finally became what they wanted to be.

Well The only reason, I had even started watching One Tree Hill was because of Peyton and her astonishing artwork. Hailey's Uncanning Loyalty to Lucas. Lucas and his weirdness and how majority of the time, he wouldd say a quote from an interesting novel at the beginning or ending of an episode. I again only started watching Tree Hill, because of those two. and I have to say it, there should be another season!. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would agree with me on that! Bring Back Lucas and Peyton and the show will be more successful!

OMG! Season 7 is not the same without them!
I'm being very honest! Without Peyton and Lucas, the show is not the same. I'm in grief! Please make them come back! Instead, you get some stupid slutty Alex Dupre chick who flashes her ass every episode and some boring Clay guy. The only good addition to the series is Quinn, Hayley's sister because we knew she existed in the previous series, we just never saw her. THIS SUCKS! I'm not digging this! Pleaaaaaaaaase get them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seoson 7 will suck wit no lucas and peyton

I have been watching the show without lucas and peyton and it's fine. OTH made it through season 7 and are now on to season 8 and on twitter one tree hills account thingy said that the CW might even be on for season 9! sure the show was awsome with Lucas and Peyton but it is still good now. Also why would you just watch the show for 2 people. thats LAME! And If Chad Michel Muarry wasn't such a DIVA then both him and hilarie would be on the show so don't blame the CW or mark schwan blame CHAD!!

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