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NBC cancels 'Life' and promises 'SVU' with or without its lead stars

Life Whoa, the NBC Q&A with the media in New York just delivered two bangs that were not included in this morning's news releases or conversations with TV executives.

1) The police drama, "Life," starring Damian Lewis, has been officially canceled.

2) "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" will go on "with or without" its stars, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, who are holding out for raises, said Marc Graboff, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo credit: NBC

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Merloni and Hargitay want MORE money? Give me a break. I'm sure there are out of work actors who are equally as good who'd be happy to make half of what those 2 do. We're in a recession, bozos - toughen up with the measly 2 or 3 hundred K you make per ep or STAY HOME. Big Babies.

This is outrageous!!! Life was one of the best series on TV and they are canceling it. NBC is clearly heading towards its doom.

NBC got is so wrong. "Life" is one of the best TV shows, ever. So much for NBC's promises. I think I'll just quit TV, period. It'll be unplugged tonight and I'll go back to reading books. What a concept!!

Very disappointed that Life will not be back. It's got great writing, fabulous acting, and some amazing cinematography. I know it appeals to those who don't otherwise watch TV. Maybe that was the problem.

I hope someone else picks up Life. It'd work well on USA. I suppose that will never happen. Shame, it's a terrific show. I've loved Damian Lewis since Band of Brothers and the Forsyte Saga. This was a great vehicle for him!

I also like Meloni and Hargitay and watch SVU all the time, but I find myself taking NBC's side in this. I don't know that the show would survive without them (they are the center), but maybe it's time to find out.

I dug "Life." It was mostly well-written, certainly well-acted, and fun to watch. I view very little on NBC and I'm a TV nut. I certainly won't be watching an early Jay Leno show. It's not that cable stations are doing well; it's that NBC et al are "sucking wind." You'll hear that sound until the Leno train wreck hits. PS: Advertisers--I have lots o' bucks. Too bad you're going to miss out on my wild consumerism.

I have given up on the Networks FOREVER. I can no longer invest my time in a show that may get cancelled. Like the record companies, they will die because they no longer allow a show to grow and find an audience. Live on Mars? Gone. Pushing Daisies? Gone. Swingtown? Gone. I could go on an on.

At least the cable networks allow a show to run a full season and usually more. They keep it on the same time every week and don't pre empt or put on hiatus.

Man, I will miss Life. He was cool and she was HOT!!

NBC is making a big mistake by cancelling "Life" but at least there seemed to be a little closure (if you could call it that) in the season/series finale. "Life" far and away exceeded the "Cop Procedural" label because it was far from that. It was more than slightly offbeat. It was a very eclectic show with a terrific cast and an extremely wry sense of humor. All of those things are in short supply on television these days. "Life" will be missed.

I'm sorry...but is NBC stupid?
Why would the cancel Life?
Just give it a better time slot so it's not fighting against Lost and they'll have a larger audience.
This show is brilliance at its finest and I can't believe they're taking it off the air while things like Two and a Half Men and Biggest Loser are still on TV.


Huge mistake. Nobody likes Leno anymore. 3 late night talk shows a night. Are you kidding?!
Life is one of the best shows on TV. Along with Chuck, which they are threatening to cancel as well. NBC, pull your heads out. Please!

I am so disappointed that NBC is canceling "Life". What a terrific, intelligent, and entertaining series. Cudos to the writers, directors, and actors for a great run. NBC executives are fools to let this one go.

I think that NBC is making a big mistake if they get rid of Mariska and Chris. They are asking for a share of the back end profits. Yes they do make alot of money, but ALOT of what they do make goes into charities (such as the Joyful Heart Foundation which Mariska created a few years ago.) They are not being greedy. TPTB are making millions off of MH's and CM's hard work, they deserve a percentage of it. I just hope that they stick around for season 11 and the show ends with them on it. They are already filming the final episode, and if M&C are done there will be no closure given to their characters at all.

"Life on Mars" and "Life" suffered from poor management by their respective networks. They would rather nurse subpar shows such as Private Practice and Southland because of Shonda Rhimes and John Wells. They get more latitude. NBC gave a ratings challenge program like "Friday Night Lights" a two season renewal. That series has never generated a large audience since its premiere. "Life" gets canceled because of low ratings. How can one reconcile that. NBC will continue to languish in the toilet. Jeff Zucker has been the death of this network. The jury is still out when it comes to Ben Silverman. Here's hoping that my wish for Leno's failure at the 10 o'clock hour comes true. Nothing against the man himself, but plenty against NBC managment and their incredible ineptitude.

L&O:SVU is a great series, but without MH and CM it will die. Unlike the mothership, this series heart and soul rests with its lead characters. They leave, SVU dies.

I will miss "Life" and its talented cast and writers. I hope that another network hires Damian Lewis. You can't let a terrific talent like that pass you by.

A 'Bring back Life' campaign has been started.

Go to twitter.com and tweet #bringbacklife and also tweet to @USA_Network that it will be a perfect fit for their network.

SVU is now the worst of the three l&o. The real tragedy was the move of ci to usa where it has been reduced to the quality of a usa show. ci was the second best of the three, second only because of the legacy of the original. Bringing in cutter and moving Jack to DA saved the original. I think the lineup on the original is the best its been since angie harmon was on, which in my opinion was the peak of the franchise <3

NBC doesn't have 13 tiny hours to devote to Life next season? Yet it can cough up countless hours for Howie Mandell and Donald Trump? Is NBC even in the entertainment business anymore or are they just schlock peddlers? They can bring back SVU too, I just won't watch without Chris and Mariska. They are the show. NBC should think of them as really talented reality TV stars, maybe that will help.

NBC is completely losing parts of their fan base. Cancelling Stargate: Atlantis for Sci-Fi channel was a huge mistake in my book. Now they have raised a gun to their heads with cancelling Life. That, along with Burn Notice, are my favorite shows on television, and I watch A LOT of tv during the week. Now the only shows NBC has that I watch are Heroes and Medium, and Chuck, if that comes back. I watch SO MANY more shows on CBS and FOX. Life is too great for them to treat like that, I bought the first season and have watched it again, and will again, and will do the same for season 2. I can't think of one negative thing that someone could say about this show that actually watched it, and just didnt watch something else in that time slot, or some "reality" show on their dvr that doesnt challenge the mind at all, but leaves them couch potatoes. Crews' offbeat comments really make you think.....ugh now I'm just venting.......shame on you NBC.

KJ from San Antonio

I'm so sad about Life. It was a great show -- terrific acting, intriguing plot line and I loved Damian Lewis. You guys had me from the first episode!

Shame on you, NBC. I give up on Network Television. You finally deliver a show that I like, but you set it against one of the most popular shows around and expect it to thrive!? What were you thinking?

'Life' died the second the bad storyline of Reece (Sarah Shahi) disappearing and Gabrielle Union's character appeared. When a show pulls that kind of nonsense, fans get upset and you know it's on the way out. Life was a great show and I hope it it gets picked up on another network, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm actually surprised that it survived as long as it did.

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