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'Hell's Kitchen': Oh no, Lacey's back!

May 8, 2009 | 12:24 am

Tonight was basically a setup for the finale, but there were a few highlights: We got to relive Danny's first foray into "Hell's Kitchen," when he declared himself the "god of cooking"; Colleen mixing up the sugar and the salt; and Seth wiping his face with a filthy towel, and then using said filthy towel to wipe off a plate. Yum!

Paula and Danny are the last two standing and spent the night boozing it up on sparkling wine, leading to a rough morning after when the two had to get up and get going on the traditional final challenge: creating their own dining rooms within "Hell's Kitchen."

"I feel like an idiot now for getting drunk," Danny said.

He might want to reserve that feeling for some of his decorating decisions: mounting stuffed fish on the walls as a touch befitting a seafood restaurant, and his choice of restaurant names. He was considering calling it "The Velvet Hammer" -- he explained that the name dates back to his high school days, when Danny was apparently quite popular with the ladies. Classy!

The final two then jetted off to the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City to get a taste of what's to come -- and to face off in another challenge: three dishes off their planned restaurant menus, all made within 45 minutes. Victory went to Danny, who said he thinks he may be the only chef in the world who'd think to jerk a lobster.

But wait, there's more! When the chefs returned home to "Hell's Kitchen," they had help waiting for them. Several of their teammates had returned, including Ben, Giovanni, Andrea and, gulp, Lacey. 

Was it any surprise that Lacey was the last person picked for the teams? Paula got stuck with her -- a serious liability.

-- Rene Lynch