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'Gossip Girl': WWJD? He'd bring evil Georgina back

May 5, 2009 |  8:39 am

Gossipgirl_Georgina You know the end of "Gossip Girl's" season is near when the drama starts flowing like puns out of Blair's mouth. Monday night's episode was jam-packed with events, including the gang's attempted takedown of Poppy Lifton, Serena's arrest, Chuck's profession of love for Blair, Rufus' failed proposal to Lily and Georgina's return to the dark side. Must. Break. For air. Raise your hand if your head spun a little at the end of that hour.

I admit, I spent half of the episode feeling exasperated at Serena and Lily. After Gabriel's Ponzi scheme unraveled, a guilt-ridden Serena believed she can recover the millions of dollars that her mother and others had invested just by asking for it. S successfully tricked Gabriel, who clearly isn't much of a professional thief, into meeting her and explaining the entire scam. But the only setback was that Gabriel didn't have the money; Poppy, the mastermind of the operation, did. Thankfully, Serena didn't fall for Gabriel's pathetic apology in which he insisted he truly did fall in love with her. Riiiight.  

Still, S didn't think it was time to call the authorities. Dan, ever the sensible one, disagreed and told Lily about her and Rufus' bad investment. Fearful that the scandal would ruin Serena's reputation, she decided to not report Gabriel or Poppy and pay back each investor out of her own pocket. To make matters worse, Lily set aside a special payment plan for Rufus which would give him monthly dividends and lead him to believe he was really profiting from an investment. This was where I desperately wanted to shake her. Why punish the crooks when you have enough money to make the whole disaster disappear? And did she really think Rufus was too stupid to find out? His son was the one who informed her of the whole scam! From that moment on, I sided with S and the rest of the gang's Scooby-Doo plan to catch Poppy red-handed.

Enter Georgina, whose Bible-bouncer act brought nothing but smiles to my face all night. Her job seemed simple enough: serve as bait for a Poppy on the prowl. As soon as Poppy's solicitation was recorded, she'd be handed to the cops for her Madoff moment. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Georgina held up her end of the bargain but made the mistake of using her Bible camp's money as collateral. The police did arrive, but they were called by Lily and sent to arrest Serena, not Poppy. Blair believed Georgina had set up the whole arrest and unleashed one of her trademark verbal lashings: "You're evil. I know it. You know it. And God knows it, too." Aww, snap! God bless B for waking the dormant beast. I can't wait for Georgina to show B how a real bitch gets things done.

The drama didn't end there. In matters of love on this episode, I can only say that I'm grateful I didn't have a table nearby to pound my head on. Lily's financial gaffe and rash decision to have Serena arrested spoiled Rufus' proposal, which was a bummer but I believe is still salvageable. Next week's '80s flashback will give us more insight into Lily's reasoning, and we hope, some redemption on her part with Rufus.

The real upsetting moment occurred between Blair and Chuck. For anyone who is a fan of the couple, it was a watershed moment. Blair gave Chuck one last time to say those three little words and yet again, he failed to deliver. This time, it wasn't because he couldn't say or didn't mean it. He let her go because he wasn't ready and loved her too much to continue to put her through the ringer. It's likely B won't be barking up that tree for a while, which will either set us up for more tension between them or a period void of witty Blair-Chuck repartee (I'm crossing my fingers for the former). As for Nate, B wisely chose to not move in with him. At least we got one wish granted.

What did you think of this drama-filled episode? Did you agree with Serena or Lily? Did Chuck make the right decision to let Blair go?


-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: The CW