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Disney Channel's 'Jonas' premiere: Not burnin' up the ratings

Kixu9tnc Are the Jonas Brothers poised to take the place of Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana"? It might be too soon to tell.

A solid 4 million viewers watched the 8 p.m. premiere of the network's new series, "Jonas," which topped kids and tween rankings Saturday, but didn't come close to delivering the audience watching new episodes of "Hannah Montana."

A Disney Channel news release boasted that the "Monkees"-style comedy starring the pop trio edged out the competition -- Nickelodeon's "Fairly OddParents: Wishology, Part 2," the second night of Nick's three-part original movie -- in the kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14 categories.

"Jonas" drew 1.6 million in both kids and tweens, giving the network its best numbers in the time period in the last eight months. Of its tween audience, 73% was female.

So the Jonas Brothers are big. But can they be Miley Cyrus big, dominating the realms of music, film and TV? It doesn't look good so far:

"Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" did not cross the $20-million mark at the box office, while "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" made $65 million. ("The Hannah Montana Movie," currently in theaters, has already made more than $70 million.)

And here's a sobering fact: "Jonas" is Disney Channel's lowest-rated live-action series premiere among kids 6-11 since 2005's "Life with Derek."

The show's debut numbers fall far behind those for a recent new episode of "Hannah Montana," which scored 4.8 million on April 19, and drew fewer overall viewers (4.1 million versus 4 million) and kids (1.8 million versus 1.6 million) than the February premiere of Disney's other new series, "Sonny With a Chance," starring Demi Lovato. "Jonas" fared better with tweens (1.6 million versus 1.5 million).

A rep for Disney Channel pointed out that "Jonas" was the network's first-ever Saturday premiere for a series, part of a deliberate strategy to open up the night to original programming. The rep also noted that Disney has a "robust business" with the group across its "music, studio and consumer products divisions."

-- Denise Martin

High ratings for 'Camp Rock,' the Disney Channel's Jonas Brothers movie

Photo credit: Disney Channel

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Wonder how Miley Cirus feels that the Jonas brothers are already better actors than she is? Especially on their first try?

you really put a negative spin on the ratings and seem to delight in it. The ratings I read said JONAS debuted better than Sonny and brought in almost twice as many tween girls as any show on the Disney Channel.

I am curious how you interpreted the numbers and why you felt compelled to spin it in such a negative way?

Disney and the Jonas's are going to make more money that just about anybody this year. That ought to ease the pain of so so ratings.

hahaha.. NO.. JONAS rated well..

I saw the first episode and thought the show looked terrible. The acting was horrible and it seemed to be targeted at VERY young children. I don't think the Jonas Brothers are good actors at all. If the show stays on, it will be because they have a huge fanbase of Disney-aged fans. They can do almost anything and if they are terrible at it, their fans will still say it is awesome.

I thought the first episode was good. Their fans (or any non-fan who likes their work) would [probably] love it... But maybe not that strong enough to draw in new fans.

They might not be good actors (for now) but I believe they have potential. They only need more practice (as in more acting job). Hannah Montana has a unique plotline, Miley's a good singer but her acting skill wasn't that good either. Sometimes she overacts and I found most of her expressions artificial. The "Jonas" side characters like Chelsea Staub's character presented better acting skills compared to the side characters in "Hannah Montana".

i love the jonas

JONAS is a way better show than any other show on disney channel. It is actually funny. My older brother likes it and he hates just about everything!!! I doesn't do well because little kids don't get the jokes. It is way better than Sonny with a chance, that show is horrible. Everyone I know loves the show even people who don't like the band. I hope they keep making the show, they need to give the show more time and catch more of the younger kids. They are pretty good actors, especially Kevin for having to act like an idiot. Miley Cyrus can't act, she mostly just plays herself in her show, and she can't even play herself well, she only got that part because of her dad's past. The Jonas Brothers can even sing better than her. It should have way better ratings than it has.


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