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Did Kiefer Sutherland just say goodbye to '24'?

24 Kiefer Sutherland kicked off the Fox upfront presentation with his usual kind words to advertisers. But then he said something that caught our attention -- and made us nervous.

"24" fans know that Jack Bauer is dying -- find out his fate on tonight's season finale -- and Sutherland's contract is up next year. It has been the subject of much speculation in the industry and observers have wondered if the series will end next year.

"I don't know how many more times I'm gonna have the opportunity to say this," the actor said before calling his time on "24" as the "greatest experience I've had so far in my career and in my personal life."

Sutherland also thanked the advertisers for their role in the show's success.

"It sounds trite," he said. "But you've helped me become part of this family."

Was he saying goodbye?

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Getty Images

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Michael up there you have mentioned all great actors with initials J.B, how about Jason Bourne as another great J.B. Am yet to see Jack really get mushy.....i thought s'thing was gonna happen with him and Reneee, i still hope it does in S8.

I agree with everyone . There's no 24 without Keifer Sutherland! He is 24!

I agree with everyone, There's no 24 without Keifer Sutherland! I loved this show!

Maybe the producers @ fox need to work on a season like season 5 again and plan it well because I feel since the end of season 5, Jack Bauer's role has been the same but who knows that's just me and I've watched the show since the beginning

I agree with all other comments above me: Jack Bauer is 24 and unless they come up with a very good story on how to replace Jack Bauer, well.....let's say Jack Bauer has to be 24 forever

no way jack can't go.... if he's gone then therez no 24 coz 24 n jack cannot be seperated...
we in india dying to get our hands on the season 7... we die hard Jack's fans!!!! love u jack

24 is the best. Without it there's nothing on but stupid reality shows.

If Kiefer is not re-signed for another season then FOX would really make quite a screw-up.
Kiefer is the show and with the way season 7 ended there has to be another season. I was very excited about season 7 airing when it was first supposed to air back in 07, but after finally seeing how it went i wasn't very impressed, especially with the ending. If Kiefer really isn't coming back to the show, then why keep him alive at the end of season 7? They have to make a season 8, this has been my favorite show for a while now and they need to bring back some of the characters from some of the previous seasons like; Audry or a new love with Renee. Just make it happen.

please don't quit.. please..

you are 24!!!


grtz from the netherlands!

For myself and my family we will disappointed if Mr. Sutherland is no longer on the show. Keifer Sutherland is 24, He is Jack Bauer, hands down 24 is the best show on the planet!! Without Jack who would save the day? No one wants to admit that they need Jack, because He will do what ever it takes, no one else will do that. I am a DIE HARD 24 FANATIC I have been watching this show since 2001 the very first season, have never missed an episode, but if Jack Bauer dies or leaves the show for any reason, I and my family WILL NO LONGER WATCH 24 no matter who tries to take over. NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE can replace JACK BAUER!!!

if kiefer leaves i will hate 24 and never watch it again

"24" is flawless!! EVERYONE who is a part of this show,from the actors,writers,producers,directors,to the caterers that provide the cuisine for the set...you should ALL be thanked and commended for "The Greatest Show on Earth!!
Thanks and we will see you ALL in January,2010

"24" Fans just remember...Did Jacks Dad REALLY die on the oil platform?!! There is still the Chinese submarine that is only 2 miles from the oil rig! Did Jacks dad survive with the computer chip and somehow make it to the submarine?!! What about Audry and Senator Heller?? Didn't Jack just sign a 3 year deal with 24? I think 24 is LONG from over!!

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