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'Britain's Got Talent' winner is revealed

Despite her immense popularity, overwhelming favorite and Internet phenomenon Susan Boyle came in second to dance group Diversity in the "Britain's Got Talent" television contest on Saturday.

Boyle, 48, had been expected to triumph after her performance in April of "I Dreamed a Dream" catapulted her to international superstardom.

She sang the same song in Saturday's final, but rousing though the performance was, it was not enough to trump the outsiders Diversity who won by public vote.

The 10-member troupe from Essex, England and London receives 100,000 pounds ($160,000) and will perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen.

Boyle, an unemployed church volunteer who joked she had never been kissed and has been described by newspapers as "frumpy" and a "hairy angel", was the antithesis of what many people believed made a celebrity.

Clips of the April show were downloaded more than 150 million times on the Internet, films crews camped outside her home in a small town in Scotland and tabloid reporters have followed her every move.

Boyle appeared on U.S. chat shows hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Larry King, but it was not enough to win the show. She came second, and saxophonist Julian Smith was third.

-- Reuters

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That is outrageous.. What the He... were the population in England thinking.. WOW ..
HOW could she not win.. What a crock. I cant even believe this. IM SO SADDENED by this.
SHE should have won HANDS down ..

You should really be focusing more upon the winners of the contest rather than rendering them merely a side-note or extra feature to an article almost entirely dedicated to Susan Boyle.

Diversity - they were AMAZING.

Each performance was better than the last. They won, not simply because they could dance, but for the inventive, original, clever and funny choreography.

I sure hope you embrace them should they choose to go to America.

suzan u r amazin

There really is so much amazing talent out there waiting, and searching to be discovered. Susan Boyle is an inspiration to many, and rightfully so. We are all lucky to have such great connectivity to one another to witness it so quickly and easily.

The pressure of being an overnight celebrity and the resultant expectations can be overwhelming. IMHO, Susan's subsequent performances after the audition were not as good or at the same level. Give her credit and she will sell a lot of cd's.

Congratulations to Diversity. One of the few acts to consistently perform at a high level, prepare 3 amazing routines (audition, semi, and finals), and not stumble in any of their outings. In hindsight, BGT should reschedule the finals at least a day later to make it fair for Friday's semi-final performers. They are at a distinct disadvantage to the other acts with no time to prepare or properly rest.


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