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Review: 'Rescue Me'

April 6, 2009 |  4:08 pm
Rescue-me-leary The last of the writers-strike MIAs have returned. After more than a year, the boys are back at FX’s “Rescue Me -- perhaps you've noticed them tromping around a Lilliputian New York in the ads for the new "Larger Than Life Season" -- and the vacation seems to have lightened their spirits considerably.

In recent months, star Denis Leary and his co-creator/producer Peter Tolan have repeatedly promised a different show, one less bleak and heavy-footed than Season 4, and on this they most certainly deliver.

Where once "Rescue Me" wallowed in the endless dark nights of its characters' shattered souls, it is now so lighthearted it occasionally borders on glib.

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(Photo courtesy FX)