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'Brothers & Sisters': It's raining men

April 21, 2009 | 11:10 am

The weather wasn't the only thing that was hot last night. "Brothers & Sisters" welcomed us back from a long break with loads of sexual tension — both the good and the bad kind.

The good kind was spurred by men and lots of them. Hunky Jason Lewis returned as Kevin's actor ex-boyfriend, Chad, whose recent leap out of the closet included a showy public display of affection and a naughty proposition. When Chad enthusiastically suggested grabbing drinks with both Kevin and Scotty, I knew the story was headed towards threesomeville. However, the proposal itself wasn't nearly as amusing as Kevin and Scotty's reaction to it. They were appropriately awkward, vacillating between prudish and curious before succumbing to the former. Though a gay three-way would have pushed the prime-time TV envelope, it was relief that Kevin and Scotty's relationship defied cliches and emphasized a commitment to monogamy. Plus, anymore scenes involving Kevin, Scotty and Chad would have resulted in cuteness overload.

The man buffet continued at Ojai Foods, which was suddenly teeming with prospects for the single and sexually deprived Sarah. Since her divorce, I've been waiting for the show to spice up her love life. My prayers were answered with Cal (short for caliente, of course), a lust-worthy accountant-volunteer firefighter played by "Dancing with the Stars" hottie Cristian de la Fuente whom she happily breaks all the office rules with in the supply closet. If Cal sounds too good to be true, it's because he is; he was a temp that will probably never walk Ojai's halls ever again. The important thing is that Sarah got her groove back. Let's hope the show continues to shower her with more steamy yet longer-lived love interests.

Even Nora got her share of lovin' last night with Roger's return. The British architect arrived unannounced with the news that he's getting a divorce and that he is hopelessly in love with Nora. Their scenes were definitely awww-inspiring, but all the reveries about Paris and beach houses can't change the fact that Nora comes with enormous baggage. Based on how his face fell when Nora took a Tommy-related phone call, Roger seems ill-equipped to handle the Walkers' emotional gauntlet. I'm hoping he proves me wrong because Nora needs to get her groove back as well.

For every good kind of sexual tension, there were equal parts of the bad. It mostly emanated from Kitty and Robert's house, which is now a dark and lonely place. The spark between them is gone, and all that's left are uncomfortable kisses and the impending doom of having "the talk." While Robert contemplated on how they got to this low point, Kitty continued to strengthen her friendship with Alec. What makes this burgeoning affair interesting is the fact that it's more emotional than physical. Kitty's morals would definitely keep her from sleeping with Alec, but does experiencing emotional intimacy with another man constitute as cheating?

Meanwhile, Ryan's shady side rears its ugly head once again now that he's staying with Rebecca. While it initially seemed as though Ryan was genuinely crushing on Rebecca, it now feels like his efforts toward winning her affection are part of a larger scheme. The way he strategically entered the room shirtless, his sucking up to Holly, his lie about guessing Rebecca's favorite flower --  all hints for future deception. We'll have to see whether Rebecca adheres to her father's warnings.

Do you think Ryan has something sneaky up his sleeve? What should become of Kitty and Robert?

-- Enid Portuguez