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'24': Carlos Bernard talks about Tony Almeida's turn for the worse

Tony 1 Tony Almeida may have come back from the dead, but he's not coming back from this.

We could deal with Resurrected Tony's shaved head, that questionable patch of chin hair, his temporary alliance with the baddies who revived him. But you don't snuff out the good guys and live to tell about it on "24." (When Jack Bauer killed CTU director Ryan Chappelle – his upstanding if insufferable boss – in Season 3, his hand was forced by a terrorist.)

No, in tonight's episode, Tony not only made off with a WMD of his very own, he murdered FBI agent Larry Moss to get it. Larry, who was finally getting behind Jack's effective if unorthodox ways. Larry, whose eyes bugged out in terror as he was choked to death by Tony the Traitor. It was almost as bad as watching Edgar's pitiful demise.

For now, Tony's moves are suspect. Even in Jack's weakened state, we all know he's Tony's match. Jack tazes phones, knives sources who won't give him answers and bulldozes his enemies. Literally, not figuratively. We try to pry more information out of actor Carlos Bernard about Tony's about-face and whether he’ll live to see Day 8. Unfortunately, Bernard is a formidable opponent:

After tonight's episode, Tony is dead to me ... but I still want to know what his deal is.
Um, well, I can’t really tell you what’s ultimately behind his actions.

Still pissed at the government for Michelle's death, I presume? 
I think he’s motivated by still being stuck in a place of anger and resentment. He still feels betrayed by the government.

So this has all been one big setup? The whole time he was just playing poor (now dead) Bill Buchanan?
Yeah, this has been his plan.

That's pretty evil. Did you know Tony would turn out this way when the producers told you they were bringing him back to life?
We knew it was going to go in this direction, yeah. How it was actually going to play out, you never know. It’s such a complex show to write. They’ll map out where they think a character is going to go and see if it actually plays with the story. But it was always in the back of our minds that this is where he was going. It was just a matter of how he was going to get there over the season.

Did that make sense to you? Jack Bauer’s wife was killed too and you don't see him taking it out on America with biochemical weapons.
It felt very organic, oddly enough. (Laughs) As an actor, you can’t judge your character. The only way I have to go about it is to put myself in the situation of the character and the circumstance of what he’s been through and play it. Is he a good guy or bad guy? That’s up to the audience. But for me? If I were to judge? It made perfect sense.

Tony almeida How so?
As the rest of the episodes play out, I found myself completely on Tony's side as far as what he believed he was doing. It’s very strange.

That sounds kind of scary.
(Laughs) It is a little scary, yeah. I can’t go into what goes on in the episodes to come but I remember when we were done shooting, and all of the producers had seen the final cut of the final episodes, one of them looked at me funny and asked, ‘Did you believe what was coming out of your mouth?’ And I said, ‘You know what? Absolutely, I believed it. It made sense to me.’

Is it safe to say there are other things Tony's pissed off about? Not to belittle Michelle’s death…
There is more to it than that. I just can’t spell it out.

I read in Entertainment Weekly that in the upcoming episodes “Tony finds time for some nookie.” Explain.
Well, I wouldn’t say he finds ‘time for nookie.’ I would say that there’s a character that is revealed who Tony's involved with. Not a familiar face, someone new.

What is his end game? Is he going to cross paths with the season's other sneaky villain, the president's daughter Olivia?
There’s no crossing paths with Olivia. It’s so frustrating, probably more so for you, as far as these interviews go. I can't say what else he's up to. Honestly, the other hard part about talking about this now is that we shot this season so long ago, it's hard to remember what exactly happens. I don’t watch the show either, so....

You don’t watch? Because of last season? You need to jump back in. It's so much better this year.
That’s good to hear. (Laughs) No, I’m not great at watching stuff I’m in. Also, I already know what happens -- even though I can’t remember what happens right now when you’re asking me about individual episodes. (Laughs)  I know how it turns out and that sort of takes the fun out of it. I think the last season I watched was the second season and that sort of took me over the edge. I’m just not good at watching myself.

But you're aware that this is a major resurgence for the show.
I know that just by reading the scripts and by what we were doing on set. I definitely got the feeling that this was going to be one of the stronger years for the show, if not the best.

I think the story got more personal again. I always felt like '24' was best when it was rooted in the characters and not trying to outdo itself with big crises. It’s like the bombs were getting bigger and bigger and the crises were getting bigger. I think it’s better when it’s told on a smaller scale. The first season was like that and this season reminded me of that first season in the way it plays out.

Also, I just think we’re probably one of the few if not only show that was helped by the strike. What the writers do on this show is just crazy. On a regular year, they’re writing up against the gun and like a Rubik’s cube, everything has to fit together. The strike gave us a whole extra year to stop and go back and rewrite things that weren’t working, reshoot things we weren’t happy with. It just gave us the amount of time that the show should take.

It’s been quite a comeback so far.
Those of us who have been there from the beginning, this is our baby, we really care about it. We know what a big commitment it is to watch 24 episodes of a show and we really value the fans’ commitment. I wasn’t there for the sixth season, but I know people were a little disappointed with it, and I think everyone came back with a vengeance to bring the show back to the way it used to be. Back to as good as it should be.

Can I ask you if Chloe will be back?
Yeah, she’s coming back.

As an adversary for you, no doubt.
She’s obviously going to be … oh boy. (Laughs) She’ll come into play. She comes back, and she’s in the mix. Now I’m trying to remember why she comes back. Aren’t I a great interview?

That's enough of a spoiler to tide me over. Do you think, knowing how this season ends, Tony will be back for Season 8?
Well, that’s just a crazy question! Day 7 isn't over yet! But I say there’s room. He came back from the dead, so, sure, why not?

-- Denise Martin

Photo credit: Fox

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It was upsetting...to see Agent Moss killed...especially by Almeida. It was a horrific death, and the look on Agent Moss' face was of utter disbelief, betrayal and pain for the struggle to remain alive.

I have imagined Agent Moss to be shot or injured while in the line of duty... a job risk ... but to be killed??!!

It was hard to read Almeida. I think there was a twinge of remorse, even regret after he finally killed Agent Moss, if it was what he had to do.

I was just stunned and didn't see it coming. I like Agent Moss and all the could-have-beens of his character had he lived. But when I saw the preview for next week with him under the white sheet that covered the dead, I had to take several deep breaths, to realize that he's gone.

The only possible reason that would make Tony turn bad is so that he could hold a small city hostage in order to force Jack to receive treatment for his condition cause everybody knows how stubborn jack can get at times and this is the only way to save Jack . How noble of Tony. Bravo Tony!!!

And about Larry Moss, he was being extremely hostile towards Jack at the beginning of the season and that is why Tony killed him cause nobody messes with Tony's friends!!! Bravo Tony!!!!

Well I was way surprised. The twist kicks @ss, but at the same time leaves me disappointed for Tony as a real bad guy. I hope they find a way to keep him around!

Argh, after last night I was holding out hope that it was just a ruse and Tony is still on the right side (either he didn't really kill Larry, or he did but Larry was dying anyway and Tony was trying to reestablish his cover). Now this pretty much kills that hope, unless Carlos is deliberately deceiving us. I'm so depressed about this...Tony has been my favorite character since the beginning and I cannot accept him as a villain. I loved him getting to be a hero last night and I was so happy to see Jack go to bat for him with the president and that Larry didn't think he should be arrested...it gave me hope that maybe things could turn out okay for him. But now I feel really betrayed, and if Tony is really a villain I feel like it ruins everything.

Tony is forever! He is the Yin to Jack's Yang, the Sancho to Jack's Quixote, the Tinkerbell to Jack's Pan...uh...I think I went a bit too far with that analogy.

I hope there are more plot twists in store..having Tony turn into a pshyco killer, mass murderer was just too absurd and a desperate attempt at a plot twist,,a SHARK JUMPER to end all shark jumpers .

Whats next ?

Maybe Chloe is a man, maybe Jack is a robot from outer space. Now theres an idea.....no one will see that one coming......

I was TOTALLY shocked with last night's episode. One of my all time favorite actors in 24 is Tony Almeida.(BTY, I absolutely loved Michelle and was devastated when she was written off with her death). Now, this! Tony's got great presence and everything. When he started to suffocate Larry Moss, I thought that it was a ruse or something. I could not believe my eyes. I was screaming at the tv so loud, that my wife came in from the other room to see what was going on with me. I woke up this morning still "ruffled". Tony.......Tony.......Tony.

You all should be watching closer. Tony's hand wasn't even covering Larry's nose. He was either faking or it was just sloppy filming. My guess is Larry is still living.

what ever happend to jacks girlfriend in the 4th season??

Just when this show was starting to get back to its very best, they go and do this! I simply can't believe it! What a way to ruin what was becoming a totally engrossing chapter in this season!

Almeida becoming an evil murderer has completely ruined 24 for me, it's a step waaaay too far. They can cite a hundred 'justifiable' reasons for Tony going to the dark side for real but for me as a huge fan of 24 and indeed the Almeida charatcer, it was nothing more than an insult and a kick in the balls..big time! This type of stupid plot twist is best left for daft nonsense like Lost.

I feel so let down by this.

RIP Tony I was rooting for you all the way 'till this daft, moronic, unnecessary plot twist

Watch the last five minutes again (on fox.com/24). Take a careful look. Watch Tony's mouth. He is obviously speaking to Larry. Watch Larry's eyes. A look of realization comes across his face. Finally watch Tony's hands. There is a clear profile shot where Tony releases Larry's nostril so that he my breathe. If Tony wanted Larry dead, he would have allowed his "accomplice" to shoot him, otherwise if Tony "had" to kill him, he would have simply broken Larry's neck. Tony needs Larry alive, but is still staying in the baddies' good graces.

Just my $0.02

I have to say that I was a little surprised, but only a little. Tony is severely confusing me. I knew there was more to him than the "double agent I'm good now" Kind of thing. i was buying it until last nights episode when the guy killed the 2 agents I immediately knew he was invlolved. And then when he was looking suspicious on the plane I was for sure. I knew something bad was happening. But what I dont getw as why he blew up the missles? thats the only confusing thing. And when larry died I was soooooo mad he was a great character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack needs to get better and have the surgery so he and his daughter can become one and that I dont have to live through the suspense that he could die! (I know he won't though) :] Oh, and larry is dead for sure so you people who don't think he is are wrong. What he should have done was fake his death, that's what a real agent would have done. he shouldn't have died.

Actually, I wondered why Tony even bothered to asphyxiate him Larry instead of just shooting him or letting the other terrorist finish him. It couldn't have been more humane, as it's a much more painful to go than with a bullet to the head (try holding your breath for a minute and see how that feels).

The only reason I could come up with was to act as if he was killing him (or at least just knock him out, then resuscitate him after the other guy left) without really killing him. To confirm this, I went to the IMDB listing for the actor that plays Larry Moss, which actually shows Moss is scheduled to appear on all 24 episodes this season, all the way til May:


So Moss isn't dead, and Almeida didn't kill him. It seems more plausible Almeida is trying to infiltrate and get the other big fish that Jonas referred to when he was getting arrested.

Sorry, Allen. But IMDB database is edited by users, can't be reliable. But I don't believe that Larry was "killed"by Tony. Anyway, he didn't "twist Larry's neck" or let his fellow to shot him to death instantly.

I think that Tony is joining the terrorist to find out information, and then he will tell FBI what he knows.

it's not like Tony will go back to being a terrorist after helping out so much.

It's already confirmed by Jeffrey Nordling himself that Larry is dead.

Get that liberal witch Garafalo off the show. She makes me sick.

I have been really enjoying this season and am upset about the twist with Tony. He is one character that I have always liked. I want to say that I will not watch next year if Garafalo is still in the show. I have tried to overlook her true personality but she just came out again calling anyone who disagrees with her far left ideas a rascist. She is beneath contempt.

I was so UPSET that Tony turned evil and killed Larry Moss, I don't know if I can watch anymore. We have watched the entire six seasons reserving Monday night for 24, but now we feel too many good people die, Bill Buchanan was the limit for me. Michelle, Edgar & a few others were tough to lose also. We just can't deal with Tony joining the terrorists. Also hope to see more of Chloe.

Tony is not a bad guy, he said "sorry larry". It means something...

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