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'Hell's Kitchen': Everybody hates Lacey, Take 27

March 19, 2009 | 10:20 pm

Hellskitchen When I watch the lazy and self-absorbed Lacey getting all red-eyed and crying that she's trying so hard and that everyone is being so mean to her and that no one understands her and she quits for the 13th time ... I can't help thinking of her family and friends.

Traditionally, contestants on "Hell's Kitchen" do not get an early look at the shows before they air. So, there's a good chance that Lacey has spent the last several Thursday nights sitting on a couch, surrounded by family and friends as she watches her 15 minutes of fame (and butt-scratching) play out on TV. And what must they think of the portrayal?

Is it: "Gosh, that's not the Lacey we know and love! That must be some sneaky editing by Fox. How unfair!"

Or, are they secretly quoting Chef Gordon Ramsay, and thinking: "'That's spot on!'"

Personally, I hope Lacey makes it to the Top Three or Top Four. She's just good TV, causing havoc and chaos wherever she goes. She was almost as bad as J, who according to Mr. Voiceover, delivered one of the worst performances in "Hell's Kitchen" history, leading chef Ramsay to kick him out mid-service.

Elsewhere in "Hell's Kitchen," Andrea and Carol continue to duke it out, but I'm having a hard time telling -- are either of them incompetent? Or are they just acting like jerks? Also, Giovanni seemed to be anointed the front-runner by Chef Ramsay, and he definitely acted the part of the leader tonight. Thoughts?

There was one moment I'd like to see more of: Chef Ramsay guiding his underlings, as when he told Paula she was hitting the mark with her dishes: "Compose yourself, time it and get on top of it."

-- Rene Lynch

(Photo courtesy Fox)