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'Hell's Kitchen': Redemption, elimination -- and an apology

Instead of a "Hell's Kitchen" recap, how about a multiple-choice quiz?

What was more shocking?

(A) That Lacey redeemed herself as a member of the blue team, holding her own in the kitchen, serving as a unifying force — and perhaps even showing some unforeseen leadership skills.

(B) That Chef Ramsay appeared genuinely apologetic when he was confronted by Robert, who said he did not appreciate it when Chef Ramsay dismissively called him "Bobby." It hurt Robert's feelings, reminding him of his abusive father. Said Ramsay: "I apologize if I upset you by calling you Bobby. I wish you had brought that to my attention earlier, because I wouldn't have done that."

(C) That Colleen managed to last as long as she did — tonight she left the convection oven doors swung open — and seemed completely unfazed by the elimination. Said Colleen, a high-priced cooking instructor who was disastrous in the kitchen: "Chef Ramsay and 'Hell's Kitchen' made me better. It made me a better person. It's going to make me a better mom. It's going to make me a better chef. And it's going to make me a better, a better instructor. And I hope one day he'll cook at my cooking school."

(D) That epicurious.com Editor in Chief Tanya Steel strutted onto national TV wearing a dangerously  low-cut shirt to judge the Asian-fusion competition.

(E) That Jean-Philippe lost when he and Chef Ramsay stuffed themselves into sumo outfits and wrestled.

(F) All of the above?

The answer? F.

— Rene Lynch

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Was the food taster Tanya Chef Ramsey's wife? It looked like her.

Loved that Tanya Steel outfit.

i tevoed the show and when i went to watch it, it cut off the results. the show started
over five minutes late. i hate when that happens.


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