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'Gossip Girl': What's old is new

March 24, 2009 |  7:53 am

Gossipgirl_nate It was out with the old and in with the new on last night's "Gossip Girl." Or so it seemed. Nate decided to ditch his boho ambitions and cash in on the Vanderbilt family legacy while Blair struggled to peel off layers of her former self. Yet after the existential crises and shedding of the past, an old love triangle emerged. Sigh. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

After surviving the fallout of his father's financial scandal, Nate reunites with his mother's wealthy family, the Vanderbilts (no relation to Cornelius, Gloria or Anderson Cooper. Darn.). His grandfather welcomes him back with open arms, but the reconciliation comes with the expectation that he'll embrace family tradition (i.e. touch football, a life in politics and nifty crests on blazers). That means no backpacking in Europe during the summer and no more arty girlfriends. It's too bad because I was really warming up to the idea of Nate and Vanessa. She helped him regain his confidence, but instead of gratitude, he chose to pay it forward to Blair. Move on, V! It's not worth a life lived in cable-knit sweaters. Nate's blood runs blue, and his time is best spent on what'll be our next new obsession: the Nate-Blair-Chuck triangle.

I can see why the triangle is worth revisiting. Chuck's feelings for Blair have intensified since the night Nate ditched her on her birthday, and his father's death has taught him to value his relationships. Nate has also shown he's got more than indifference behind those man-bangs, and he certainly has more history with Blair. To be honest, I'm torn between the two. It seems Nate is the right person to snap B out of her current funk, but who can resist the chemistry between her and Chuck? Their rivalry definitely echoes that of Blair and Serena's, but hopefully they'll give us more action than pulled headbands.

Blair, on the other hand, has greater issues to deal with other than the boys pining for her attention. It's her turn to enter the Dark Period, which so far has fallen upon Serena, Jenny and Chuck. With her Yale dreams dashed, she's forced to contemplate on a new vision for her future. Welcome to the unedited version of life, B. While I enjoyed watching her burn her reputation to the ground, I can't help but miss the conniving, confident Blair. Serena, Jenny and Chuck emerged from their lows humbled and wiser, but will a humbler, wiser Blair be any fun?

Time for your thoughts. Who do you think should win B's heart: Nate or Chuck?

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo credit: The CW