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'Brothers & Sisters': Tensions are brewing

After giving us a heart attack, a new baby, another half-sibling and a fugitive on the lam, it was time for "Brothers & Sisters" to offer a transitional episode that didn't pound us with drama or plot twists. Certain foundations were laid, however, for what's sure to be an eventful season's end.

With Tommy on the lam, Sarah regained control as president of Ojai Foods and persuaded the board to drop the charges against her brother. It's not exactly the most realistic outcome considering the current, real-world embezzlement cases, but I'll take it if it means future Sarah-Holly sparring. Holly may have agreed calmly to drop the charges and support Sarah's leadership, but we all know that means bupkis. Her eyes said it all: Rage and revenge are brewing. Tommy's legal situation is wrapped up for the moment, but what about the money he stole? Will we get more closure when he returns in the season finale?

Meanwhile, tension is also building in the McAllister household as Robert and Kitty grow further and further apart. She's settling into motherhood and domesticity while he's determined to continue his gubernatorial campaign despite his fragile health. Things didn't look good when Robert was more concerned about  how Tommy's disappearance would hurt his PR than how it affected Kitty. It didn't get any better when he used Nora's cancer-center opening to gain publicity. His actions justified Kitty's burgeoning relationship with Alec all the more. Alec is  a widower with a young son whom she met at the park. I doubt Kitty will cheat on Robert, but as she spends more time with someone whose priorities are in line with hers, she'll realize that her marriage may not withstand the new path her life has taken.

Another plot we have to look forward to is the mystery involving Ryan's mom and William Walker. Ryan is convinced his mother's car accident was a suicide and that William had a lot to do with it. Enlisting Rebecca's help, he finds expense reports that indicate William may have been with his mother in Reno the day before she died. Juicy. Tom Skerritt will be back for an appearance this season so expect a flashback with (hopefully) some answers as to what transpired that day. I really can't see anything sinister coming out of this story, but I also can't help but view Ryan as a potential snake. He's not out to bond with his new half-siblings and has "accidentally" spilled a few pertinent secrets. It's becoming increasingly hard to trust him, which may either work for or against the character should he stay longer. If Ryan's going to remain a vital yet complicated part of the Walker family, he's going to have to show more redeeming qualities. Otherwise he's an expendable bad guy who can go away at the end of the story arc.

What are your thoughts on Ryan's true purpose? Do you think William Walker had something to do with his mom's death? Was this enough to hold you over until new episodes continue on April 19?

— Enid Portuguez

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Im starting to really hate Ryan, like stated in the above post, he's coming across as a snake!
Im starting to dislike Rebecca as well.

I never really Cared for Ryan's charcter from the beginning. As stated he is a snake !! and He is a whinner. He's is not to be trusted. Rebecca has always been flakey one moment she is cool and the next moment you want to smack her. Holly I never liked Holly but, what about Tommy's wife? is she cold or what? Maybe I missed a story line but is up with her?

Ryan is really annoying character. So is Rebecca. The writers should get rid of Ryan, cuz it's starting to smell like a soap opera. Im just wondering right now how they wanna handle Tommy's plot...Propably sth bad's gonna happen.

Ryan's complexity is worth the aggravation he's making most of us feel with his arrival. I highly doubt there will be anything that makes his already evil view of his father any worse. I see bigger payoff if nothing comes of his impromptu investigation, IF they plan on keeping him on board. I like his character, even if he does turn out just a wee bit bad. I mean, it's growing pains, I think, and normal for the character to be the way he is right now. I can't see him lasting if this is the way his character is going to be written for the remainder of the entire series. Unless he rapes or maims someone on the show, I'm holding my reservations to hate him. He's a good actor though.

Now, Rebecca on the other hand. I think she's as dumb as they get. I wouldn't mind if she gets her comeuppance with her Walker Ex-boyfriend finds a kindred spirit when he goes to college again. Serve her right....

Agree with the comments about Ryan. Don't like the character or the actor who plays him. Feels like a snake to me also and his comments to Justin at Nora's center dedication were downright offensive, rude and just plain destructive. Get rid of him and Nora needs to open her eyes and stop opening up her home to every Tom, Dick or Rebecca her dead husband has birthed through one of his affairs. I also am beginning to despise Rebecca. She's turning into a younger version of her mother Holly, who at one time Rebecca hated and now loves and defends until death does her part. I, for one, liked Tommy and will miss him. And I like all the natural Walkers. However without these others--there would be no conflict--and then no show. I do hope Ryan is off the show by the end of the season. Good riddance!!!!

It is Julia that I dont like, she is just so selfish....dont you notice that she is too focus on the "I" word when she argues with Tommy.
Ryan surely have snake intentions to the Walkers and even to Rebecca and Holly. If he will remain till next season he might become a part of Ojai organization.....Ryan in, Rebecca and Holly out, since both of them are not relevant to the theme of this series which is brothers and sisters and they are not part of the Walkers anymore..
I hope that in the next season, the new roles will be reflective of the relationship between brothers and sisters and strength of family.

Finally the show has a villain. It's been so boring lately-just a lot of endless talk-so it's nice to have someone who might spice things up a bit. The writers have never decided on what to do with Holly, but a show needs someone clearly 'bad'. I think Ryan is that person.


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