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'Brothers & Sisters': A run for the border

March 16, 2009 |  8:18 am

St_mar_15_run_border_300 When things hit a boiling point on "Brothers & Sisters," the members of the Walker family go back to basics before tackling life's obstacles. For Kitty, whose sleepless nights and dead-end arguments with her stubborn husband have left her worn and haggard, basics means a trip to mom's house. For the newly arraigned Tommy, broken-hearted Justin and sex-deprived Kevin, it means some quality time with the bros.

With Tommy on the fence about entering a plea for his embezzlement trial, Sarah persuades Kevin to take him out of her crowded house and talk him into avoiding a long, futile trial. This is no small feat, considering Tommy's bull-headed nature, so the brothers, partly using Justin's breakup with Rebecca as a ruse, wrangle him for a weekend trip to Mexico.

It has been a while since the Walker brothers spent some time alone together (the last time, if I can remember, was when the guys sequestered Justin during his detox), and while circumstances have changed, we are reminded of the Freudian roles they play in each other's lives. Justin is the rehabilitated id, an impulsive but compassionate nudge to go for what you love. Kevin is the ego, an acerbic mediator who keenly understands both sides, and Tommy is the superego, a prideful traditionalist whose efforts to uphold his family's values and legacy go awry. I could have gone without the cheesy spring-break scenarios to get to the bonfire convo, but it was sweet that Tommy was willing to suffer a black eye to defend Justin from furious frat boys. The brotherly bonding doesn't stop a desperate Tommy from running away, however, but we do know he'll be back for the season finale.

While the boys were out of town, the Walker ladies have their own heart-to-heart. Tired and listless, Kitty briefly escapes her nursery/infirmary to meet her new half-brother. Nora immediately thinks something's wrong when Kitty can barely utter a sentence or keep an interest in Ryan. Despite Sarah's urging to "dial it back," Nora follows her maternal instincts and gets Kitty to reveal her feelings of loneliness and alienation. Baby aside, she feels distant from Robert, who refuses to budge when it comes to taking the proper steps toward recovery. Sarah's meddling, this time, was helpful; both Robert and the audience needed a clarification of what Kitty's actions meant. When she stops arguing, it means she's given up.

Ryan, on the other hand, revealed his own pursuits. He believes his mother did not die in a car accident but rather killed herself because of William Walker.  He's not there for a new family; he wants answers. Ryan has an ally in Rebecca, but he convinced no one when insisting he has no romantic interest toward her.

Do you think Ryan has ulterior motives? How do you feel about Tommy/Balthazar Getty taking a respite from the show?

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: Matthew Rhys, Dave Annable. Credit: ABC