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'Bad Girls Club' takes reality to a low

March 21, 2009 |  5:01 pm

When the friction gets physical, everybody - including the viewer - comes out a loser.

Bad_girls_kgo608nc_300 First, the facts. Earlier this month on "Bad Girls Club," the cast took a vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

For this show, on which a group of malcontents is cooped up in a house and, occasionally, let out for an activity that seems designed to trigger misbehavior, this was, passport notwithstanding, par for the course. And frankly, so was what happened to the women outside a nightclub in which they'd been drinking, dancing and, in the case of some of them, participating in a bikini contest: There was a rumble.

After a season filled with so many fights that it has dulled receptors of what is right and wrong, it took an extra couple of seconds to process that this altercation was somehow unlike all the others. For most of the night, Amber M. -- not to be confused with her running buddy, Amber B. -- had been dancing apart from the group, one more night of social chilliness fostered by both sides. The rest of the group had been growing incensed by, no kidding, unfairness in the bikini contest and by its purveyors. When they all left the club, fueled by alcohol and indignation, they turned on Amber M., the house antagonist and outcast.

After sharp, meaningless words were exchanged, Whitney yanked Amber M.'s hair, hard, then was pulled off her. Tiffany got in the middle. Amber M. and Tiffany began scuffling, and then the whole of the house, save Amber B., jumped Amber M., punching her and pushing her to the ground, where she was kicked by Whitney and Ailea before producers and bystanders could break up the fight.

Read the full story here.

-- Jon Caramanica

(Photo: Ailea, left and Whitney get physical with Amber M., after which they got booted from the show. Credit: Oxygen Media)