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'America's Best Dance Crew': And the winner is ...

Whether it was Beat Freaks or Quest Crew, season 3's "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew" winner was going to be a hard-working, talented, extremely popular, local (to Los Angeles) group.

Each crew fit the description, and you can add athletic to both, high-flying to Quest, and female to Beat Freaks.  The female tag became a big thing, but there was still the little matter of dancing it out.

In the finale show, all of the crews were brought back, and each performed in groupings decided by the judges.  Shane Sparks got to be up first, picking Quest Crew, Dynamic Edition and Strikers All-Stars.  With two precision squads like Dynamic and Striker, you knew this would look good. Everyone got a spotlight, and in the end, clogging ruled as the three crews got into it.  A fun and energetic performance that also put  a spotlight on one of the most blatant sponsor placements ever when crew highlights were shown on a T-Mobile phone.  It was so off-the-wall that it was actually funny, as I hope it was meant to be.

Don't watch the video if you don't want to know who wins yet!!

Next up was JC Chasez' crew mash-up: Beat Freaks, Boxcuttuhz and Team Millennia. JC noted their creativity as being the main reason he picked them.  The Beat Freaks provided the only really memorable sections of this performance, as it was not as exciting as the first grouping.

Oh, look -- stars in the audience.  We see Lil Jon and Lil Kim, Shenae Grimes ("90210") and Shannon Elizabeth.  I guess that's cool, but the star quotient this season seemed to have dropped. Back to the dance ...

And Lil Mama's chance to showcase her three crews: Ringmasters, Fly Khicks, and GOP Dance.  You remember them, right?  Breakers/latin dancers from Puerto Rico (ho!). They helped bring the Latin flavor to the stage with Fly Khicks. As Ringmasters and Fly Khicks hung off of the side of the stage, GOP did a nice little break dance routine.  The crews played off of each well, and the Fly Khicks/GOP Dance Latin number was memorable.

The last joint performance of the night was Quest Crew and Beat Freaks together.  It was what you thought it was:  the best performance of the night for both crews.  Teaming with Beat Freaks gave Quest a more old-school vibe, and, as it's been noted, for Quest their performane rise when their competition does well.  For Beat Freaks, they got to, again, show  off their b-girl skills.

Then came the moment of truth.  Mario milked it for as much drama  as he could.  Then QUEST CREW was named America's best dance crew.  A lot of us were a litle surprised, but anyone who watched knew that Quest's las two performances helped them surge ahead at the end of what was probably a tight race. The judges and others had hyped Beat Freaks all season, but when the vote went to the people, the charming (as Lil Mama called them), talented crew got the win.

Great group, great champion, great season.  More diversity than ever, and in terms of the taent level of crews, may be hard to ever top this.  Who knows if they'll even try since there's still no word on season 4!  But somewhere, some crew is flexing, krumping, threading, clogging, line-dancing, stepping, waving or doing a dance we haven't heard of, and hoping for their chance to shine.  After three seasons of talented crews battling it out, they'll have a lot to live up to.

-- Jevon Phillips

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I'm disappointed. What I take away from last night's America's Best Dance Crew finale is:

1. In order to win, it helps to be a breaker. No other dance forms stand a chance.
2. In order to win, it helps to be a man.
3. In order to win, it helps to be from the West Coast.
4. In order to win, it helps to come with a built in fan base from your stints on other wildly popular reality dance shows, most notably "So You Think You Can Dance". It also helps if Shane Sparks carefully neglects to mention all season that he has worked with you in the past on said other shows.

That's not to say that Quest Crew wasn't phenomenal-they were (though I voted for Beat Freaks). But despite the diversity of this season's crews, the season still struck me as one-dimensional. Jabberwockeez, SuperCrew, and Quest Crew are iterations of the same style of movement. I love dance, but I think I'm going to give this show a break next season.

Feel free to stop watching. No one's stopping you. And if you didn't vote enough for Beat Freaks to take the top spot then you have no one to blame but yourself.

CONGRATS to QUEST CREW and BEAT FREAKS for an awesome season!


Congratulation to Quest!! I'm so happy that they won and they so deserve this title. Quest are creative, theatrical, have good musicality, great dance skills, great choreography and can do amazing tricks. They're the full package. Of all 3 seasons, Quest is by far the best crew to have come on this show, followed by Jabba and Kaba Modern IMO.

@Viv, uhhh Shane Sparks has hired and worked with members of Beat Freaks professionally as well~ that's why he was so bias toward them the entire season. If anything, Beat Freaks was overhyped by the judges and MTV when infact they are very sloppy in their choreography and when they messed up, the judges never criticize them. I mean, I still have mad respect for Beat Freaks but they're no where near the level of Quest Crew.

I disagree with most of what you say Viv.

Though #4 is probably true, but that doesn't really explain why the first two seasons went the way they did.

so far, the west coast crews have been the better crews. beat freaks was also from the west coast, but I doubt you voted for them for that reason. Also, shane worked with beat freaks too on one of the step up movies. and he's been plugging for them all season long. Hard to see how that support hurt them more than it helped.

Neither Jabba or Quest are really just breakers. Super Cr3w was, but Jabba and Quest (esp) do a bunch of different styles.

Hey i wanted to to let you guys know that i wanted either crews to win but i really wanted Quest crew to win and i was so happy even though these girls they went out there and domanated they were the first all GIRLS crew that has been on there and they had came out and got in the bottom 2 . people should look up to what they said "FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS:)

No Viv, I'm sad you feel that way. I'm actually glad they removed the regional thing that plagued season one and two (thus eliminating better crews coming from the west like Kabba Modern and Fanny Paks). While Jabbawockies and Supercrew deserved the title, they did'nt have worthy opponents. They should've grabbed the prize and went home.
While Jabbawockies is mainly bboy team, they didn't use much of that breaking tricks during the competition, they impressed us more because of their fluid choreography.
Many of us are actually happy to see the clogging hip-hop team Dynamic E, but were disappointed that they didn't offer anything much.
And while they say that Quest has developed a fan base due to SYTYCD, Beatfreaks had a more impressive CV like dancing to top artists compared to QC's Sheila E. and Gloria Estefan. They actually had the support of the whole dancing community. Now if they had salsa and tango in the competition then that would be an unfair advantage for the Quest guys. I'm kidding.
No losers here, I don't think we will see the last of BF unless they disband. Love them both.

Viv, I totally respect your opinions. However, I felt that 1,2,3 are completely untrue. The show is called America's Best Dance Crew and throughout all three season, the show has given spotlights to different dances out there. In the end, the better crew wins.
Although 4 may be true, Shane Sparks has worked with Beat Freaks as well. Although he worked with Quest, it was competition wise and it does vary. He didn't work with them everyday for 24 hours. Here, he worked with Beat Freaks professionally and Beat Freaks was out there in the professional world as well.
If you don't like the show, don't watch it, but don't shoot down another crew because you're favorite crew lost. I'm sure there are a lot of Beat Freaks fan that are disappointed. No doubt, that these girls are amazingly talented.
But think about the reasons why Quest won. One being they got the most votes.

Congrats to Quest Crew!!! You guys are probably the best crew that has ever been on the show, and I hope you can surpass the level of fame the Jabbas have.Thanks for posting that cute interview, Quest is hilarious.
Best of luck to BF in the future, they were great as well.

I'm disappointed. What I take away from last night's America's Best Dance Crew finale is:

1. In order to win, it helps to be a breaker. No other dance forms stand a chance.
2. In order to win, it helps to be a man.
3. In order to win, it helps to be from the West Coast.
4. In order to win, it helps to come with a built in fan base from your stints on other wildly popular reality dance shows, most notably "So You Think You Can Dance". It also helps if Shane Sparks carefully neglects to mention all season that he has worked with you in the past on said other shows.

I'm soooo fukin happy dat Quest Crew WON!!!!!! They deserve it 4 all their hard wurk and high performances!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys from Quest Crew I just wanted to let you know that i think you guys are the best and I love you guys so much and I know that I don't have alot to say but still I love you guys and good luck with your future and what your going to do next with your lives.^_^

I liked both Beat Freaks and Quest Crew from the beginning. But I really wanted Quest to win. They have great personality, they are such FAMILY/Brothers, they are creative, great choreography, imagination and whole package. I think Beat Freaks only had 2 outstanding performances, the robot type one and the illusion. BF are prop masters as one of the judges said. However, Quest Crew were always good and got better each show- I mean the last show was amazing! And your only as good at your last performance. And personally, being a women I would love an all female crew to win, but your not a true feminist if you just vote for or want the female team to win just because their female. I really appreciated that BF didn’t flaunt their booties/body all the time, but I don’t like it when they get so worried about being a bit feminine, likes its the worst thing in the world. I think rather than fake grabbing your crotches when you get a compliment for keeping up with the “boys,” you should just smile and act like well that’s who we are. I did know Hok and Dominic from SYTYCD, but I wouldn't have voted for them just because of that. I voted for them because of their last performance, AMAXING. With that said, my top 3 favorite crews are 1. Kaba Modern 2. Quest Crew 3. Jabbawockies (still not sure what order) I fell in love with jabba choreography, Kaba precision and Quest Crew personality/creativity are amazing.

I think its no secret that this show is geared towards hip hop/breakers, that the majority audience is people who like to watch those types of dancing, so of course a hip hop dancer/breaker are going to win. I enjoyed watching dynamic edition, but really did you really think they were going to win? I don’t like it when shows try to add diversity but then you know those ppl aren’t going to really win. Also, I am from east coast and would love a group from east coast to win, but obvioulsy groups from west seem to dance better. CONGRATS QUEST CREW!! Did I mention, the performance with strikers, dynamic and quest was one of the best of this season!

VIV, this is America's Best Dance "Crew'. Of course it's geared towards HipHop. Just like how SYTYCD is geared towards Ballet.

And yes, guys do have their advantage in this type of show. The same reason girls have their advantage in a "cheerleading" competition.

I don't think an all girl crew is ever going to win. Maybe a mixed crew with both Boys and Girls.

The reason why the West is winning, is because they are just better for now. The East has a lot of catching up to do. But the west are the "trend" setters.

These guys are so adorable, so funny. And you can see the genuine closeness between all of them. They really are one unit that functions with a disciplined focus. We could all only hope to emulate that kind of team work in anything we do.


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