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ABC cuts 'In the Motherhood' order

Getprev6_3 A day after premiering the single-camera comedy "In the Motherhood," ABC has cut its episode order by half.

Based on the Web series of the same name, the series chronicles the lives of three mothers, played by Cheryl Hines, Megan Mullaly and Jessica St. Clair, (pictured) in different stages of parenting, using ideas and stories generated from real-life mothers.

The show had the unfortunate timing of launching against "American Idol," which aired on Wednesday and Thursday this week because of President Obama's Tuesday night press conference. As a result, it was slaughtered by "Idol" on Fox and NCAA Basketball on CBS.

ABC Entertainment Group President Steve McPherson ordered the show straight to series after the writer's strike, asking executive producers Ali Rushfield and Jenni Konner to develop 13 episodes. Today, according to sources, McPherson cut the order to seven.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: ABC

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I mean... the show was not even remotely as funny as the advertisements had led most of the people that tuned in to believe. I tried watching, but I won't be returning.

I am not surprised to read this. Cheryl Hines was so difficult to watch that I ended up turning it off and hitting Erase about 20 minutes in. The show had its moments, but not one of the scenes with Hines' festival of cliche's and stupidities was one of them. Its sad to see Mullaly put in a show with such little intelligence and humor.

I actually recorded In The Motherhood as I was working during that time and being a huge fan of Megan Mullaly's I wanted to see what this show was all about. Needless to say I deleted the show after approximately 10-15 PAINFULL minutes. The show was AWFUL.
Sorry to those who actually enjoyed the show.

I tried to watch this show, but had to turn it off after after 10 minutes. I was excited about Megan Mullaly, but quickly got over that.


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