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'The Hills': Exclusive trailer, series returns in late March

Good news: "The Hills" returns next month, and we've got your exclusive first look at the trailer for the new episodes (MTV says this isn't Season 5; these are Season 4 bonus episodes.)  We've also got details from the network about what you will and won't see on camera.

But first, the trailer!

Holy moly! Lauren and Heidi crying and hugging? Reunited for real? Spencer beating someone up? Draaaaaaama! Leave your thoughts below. As for your other spoilers ...

Lauren's real-life beau, actor Kyle Howard (TBS' "My Boys"), will not be scripted in, ahem, featured, in the series. "But why?!" we cry. Earlier this month, the two had what sounds like a pretty dramatic blow-up on the dance floor at Hollywood hotspot Teddy's that ended with Lauren fleeing in tears. The pair was also photographed together at her masquerade-themed birthday party in Las Vegas. Why don't we get to see all that?

Oh, we could guess for several reasons, but according to "Hills" executive producer Liz Gateley, you won't see Howard because he's not essential to the season's narrative. "The new episodes really focus on tying up relationships of the past," she said. Hmmm, cryptic. We can only hope this does not mean the return of Stephen Colletti, who you can see starring as Taylor Swift's love interest in the music video for her single "White Horse," or worse, Jason Walher.

Gately's words sound omnious, don't they? Like we might even possibly be heading toward a series finale?

Stephanie will step in as Lauren's new Whitney at People's Revolution. Yes, Spencer's sister has gotten a job at Kelly Cutrone's People's Revolution. It makes sense. Who else is there to make the "Oh!" face for all of Lauren's drama during the day.

Lo will be a working girl, too. She'll get a job working for Davis Factor (grandson of Max Factor) at cosmetics powerhouse Smashbox Studios. All of that time on the sidelines is finally paying off for Lo!

Bromance, rekindled! Let's let out that sigh of relief all together. Brody and Spencer are back together.

Lauren and Lo's $11,000-a-month Hollywood Hills home is available for lease, so expect yet another moving day episode. But don't fret: The best friends forever are still roommates, says MTV.

And as for Speidi ... We know there's a brunette bartender now in the picture. Will we see an actual wedding? Followed by a messy divorce? We can only hope.

No definitive air date has been set for the premiere, but MTV says the show will return to its Mondays-at-10 timeslot.

"The City," the "Hills" spin-off starring Whitney Port, ends its first season March 16 at 10 p.m.

-- Denise Martin

Video clip courtesy MTV.

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it's all bull crap as we know, we just shaw them on the beach working out and running in the rain with an umbrella looking for attention, so none of this to me is real, the only real thing is Lauren has bought a new home and that is about it, if Heidi leaves Spencer there would be more people watching the show, as you have seen people stoped watching because of them to, there is only so much you can take watching those two people so if one goes yes more people will watch other then that all is the same, I will not watch the show, I can not stomach Heidi and Spencer but I like the rest of the crew, it is to bad that those two have ruiened everything for everyone else..............

wtf?! all that psychic would have to do is watch one episode of the hills to know all that crap. and when is heidi gonna get it through her head about spencer and his creepy flesh colored beard?!


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