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Rod Blagojevich with David Letterman: 'I sound like Christian Bale'

Set your TiVos, people! On tonight's "Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS, Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced former governor of Illinois, jokingly compares himself to the tantrum-susceptible "Dark Knight" star Christian Bale.

Blagojevich, who last month hit virtually all the major talk shows in a last-ditch bid to stave off his removal from office, sat down with Letterman to answer questions about profanity-laced tape recordings in which the governor was heard allegedly trying to sell a Senate seat and shake down constituents for contributions.

At one point, according to a person who saw the show, Letterman moves to play an excerpt from one of the recordings, and then pauses and cracks to Blagojevich, "Go ahead and set up the clip." Blagojevich gamely laughs.

After an excerpt is played, Letterman asks Blagojevich to clarify what was happening on the tape, because the ex-governor has claimed his conversations were taken out of context.

"I was afraid you were gonna have some of those other tapes, where I sound like Christian Bale," Blagojevich replies with a smile.

In an earlier sketch, Letterman had pretended to take a phone call from the irascible star.   

-- Scott Collins

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What a misleading headline...

This headline is misleading. He is comparing himself to Christian Bale who has the reputation of being "tantrum-susceptible." But last year Bale was arrested as a result of allegations made by his family and later released and all charges were dropped. Blagojevich is not suggesting here that all charges will be dropped and he will be exonerated. He's already been impeached. And I presume federal charges are still pending for him. Yet he does maintain his innocence. So your headline is confusing.

No. Christian Bale is a master of his craft, going deep inside himself to express character. Governor, you are shabby at your craft, and the only thing that runs deep in you is corruption.

But... you do comedy very well.,

- Arye Michael Bender -

Blagojevich wishes he was as cool as Christian Bale

Why is Blagojevich doing these talk shows? I think his first legal team resigned over this, and I imagine his new legal team is none too happy about it, but what is he trying to do? The only thing I can think of is that he is trying to taint any possible jury pool to try and force a mistrial or set up the basis of an appeal. Rarely in the history of political corruption has a politician been caught so clearly and plainly, yet this guy acts like he is some sort of hero. Maybe his PR campaign will work, after all the American people were taken in by Palin so there is clearly no limit to our stupidity.

Christian Bale should be sued for verbally abuse. If someone could say this to me at work, I would for sure SUE. What a loser--- this confirms that he beat his mom and sister. He has more problems than Blago. He makes our bong clutching swimmer a saint.

Oh Goodness....it was "verbal assault". He didn't beat his mother. His mother admitted to trying to get money from him, that's why the charges were dropped. Mercy. All this "Bale hating". Anything to make it sound good. If the DP and Bale don't have any issues and Bale has apologized to the DP, then so what? End of story. Gosh.

And sorry, Blago, Christian Bale, you are not. I agree. Title is very misleading.


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