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Review: Oscars telecast

Jack300 Somewhere in New York, a huge weight has been lifted from David Letterman's shoulders. As Sunday night's Academy Awards began, Hugh Jackman's opening number (pardon me, but did he sing the words "pubic hair"? At the Oscars?) has surely obliterated all memory of the Uma-Oprah thing. Not to mention taking years off the lives of the poor folks preparing to launch publicity for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." They can only hope those teenage boys were too miffed that "Iron Man" wasn't nominated to watch.

Interpreting all the best picture nominees in a way that seemed way more Broadway than Hollywood, Jackman wound up on Frank Langella's lap, which was just as weird as it sounds. Yes, Anne Hathaway acquitted herself quite well, but dancers in Sprocket-like body suits? We knew that with Jackman involved, metallic lamé was a real possibility, but to make fun of the Nazi-war-crimes/pedophilia-themed "The Reader"? A choice indeed.

There were a few things to like about the new and "shaken up" 81st Academy Awards. Lowering the stage did make us feel closer to the glittering main-floor audience, having favorites such as Will Smith and Sarah Jessica Parker deliver lively explanations about sound editing and costume design was refreshing, and the James Franco-Seth Rogen "tribute" to the comedies of 2008 was hilarious. The inclusion of snippets from the actual nominated screenplays was also cool.

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How to fix the Oscars: Jackman was the best thing in the show. Cut out the acceptance speechs (except for anyone receiving an award who is dead); show some film clips; over in half an hour. zb

"Live from Los Angeles, the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences presents the 2009 Tony Awards!"

You're right about most stuff -- but making fun of the Reader was bold and hilarious. That movie was a cynical attempt at an Oscar grab. It deserved to get ripped on.

If Hugh Jackman was SO HORRIBLE in that opening number, then why was the audience on their feet at the end ---surely they enjoyed it--and I'd trust their opinion more than yours.
(Oh, I am sure you will add a silly response about their having to stretch their legs or that they were hoping to be on camera).
Frankly, you seem happy to trash a show that for the most part was a heck of a lot better than past years.

I think Hugh Jackman did a fabulous job hosting the Oscars. For the first time in my adult life I was eager to watch what was to come next. I loved the musical numbers, the mix of actors when presenting. I was happy not to see the same clip of the nominees in their movies. I thought it was refreshing for past oscar winners to speak of the new nominees. The oscars this year presented the old and the new and the whats to come. And thats hollywood. Hugh Jackman should get alot of credit for his job well done.


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