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MTV's 'Dogg After Dark' puts Snoop's paw prints on the variety genre

February 23, 2009 |  5:24 pm

Snoop_dogg_kfjg0vnc_400 No surprise here, but Snoop Dogg is not a big worrier. Tucked into a banquette at a Hollywood nightclub last week, the rapper seemed entirely at ease about the prospects of his new MTV variety show, “Dogg After Dark.”

"The people that tune in will definitely be entertained," he said, finishing off his second helping of chicken wings, fuel for what would likely be five or six straight hours of taping. "Those that don't, they'll catch up sooner or later."

Fo'shizzle, the great man might also have added in his trademark Snoop-speak.

Good thing he's brimming with confidence, because he may need it. With the variety format, the fearless Snoop has taken on a style that has shredded many another star. That would include Rosie O'Donnell, whose critically drubbed disaster "Rosie Live" on NBC last Thanksgiving eve is now the stuff of TV turkey legend.

The 37-year-old Snoop, who was a childhood fan of variety shows starring Flip Wilson and Richard Pryor, understands that the format has been troubled of late. But he's pretty sure the right host can turn things around. "The voice has to be likable, lovable, different and cutting-edge," he said. "There's only one guy like that. Y'know what I'm saying? Snoop Dogg."

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-- Scott Collins

(Photo courtesy Frank Micelotta / MTV)