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MSNBC viewers lobby for a liberal host

Television network executives looking for new talent are accustomed to getting pleas from agents urging them to check out their clients.

But in the last few weeks, MSNBC has experienced a different kind of onslaught: a flood of unsolicited endorsements from fans of liberal radio hosts touting them as the network's next potential big star.

The grass-roots campaigns were triggered by the news that the cable channel is contemplating creating a new show for its 7 p.m. time slot, currently occupied by a repeat of "Countdown With Keith Olbermann." That prompted the launch of independent Facebook groups extolling the merits of two radio hosts: Cenk Uygur of the Internet show "The Young Turks" and Sam Seder of Air America.

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It's not even a contest.

Sam is the man. He has the internet cred with Kos and all of the 'community'. He was there from the beginning. He also manages to bring his own brand of quirky yet sophisticated humor reminiscent of Jon Stewart and Colbert. Originally teamed with Janeane Garofalo, and more recently with Marc Maron, Sam holds his own with the best political comedians, and then some. Most importantly, though, he doesn't leave out the facts; and the outrage when appropriate. I like my entertainment with a large helping of truth, thank you. And it is a news show after all.

Cenk is frankly not even liberal leaning at all. He's more of a 'beat you over the head with the obvious low-brow humor' kinda guy. I tried; but no thanks. Click.

I third this - MSNBC can't go wrong with Sam Seder!

the young turks are too abrasive for TV, and not easy enough on the eyes for HDTV. They gave their show a shot on my local progressive station, but soon took them off, they were that tragic combination of puerile and misogynistic. You want puerile, why not Stepahnie Miller and her Mooks... that's a helping of fart jokes with your political commentary, you get all the finger pulling, with the addition of a warm, sensitive human behind the humor. Funny how TYT was two guys and one girl last I listened, just like stephanie's show, but the power dynamic was turned on its head, the TYT female sidekick was at best tolerated, more often, marginalized, derided and dismissed. No thanks, we can do better.

Sam Seder

Smart, knowledgeable, and fast on his feet. One of a few very good reasons that AAR did succeed.

I will watch Sam and a million of my closest friends said they would too.

Either Cenk or Sam (particularly if Maron comes along too) would be great. Much, much better than most of the programming out there.


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