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'Smallville' producers set to helm 'Melrose Place' reboot

Melrose It's official: "Smallville" executive producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin have signed up to helm  the upcoming update of "Melrose Place" for The CW.

"One Tree Hill" creator Mark Schwahn previously had been attached to the project, but that deal never pushed through.

A script has yet to be hammered out, but a casting breakdown of "Melrose's" new tenants has become public. According to EW.com, they include the son of the original Jake (Grant Show), an Amanda Woodard-type sexpot who works in PR, a "Kevin Smith wannabe" and his earnest school teacher fiancee, one recovering alcoholic, a medical student who pays the bills with sexual favors and a small-town teen/sex kitten.

"Smallville" fans needn't fret that the departure of Swimmer and Slavkin spells the end of Clark and Co. While the show has yet to be renewed for a ninth season, sources assure that a greenlight for more is likely. And with Swimmer and Slavkin gone, the show's other two executive producers, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, are poised step in as show runners.

-- Denise Martin

CW president talks 'Melrose Place' remake

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God, I hope Smallville goes to Season 9 !!!! PLEASSEEEE


After what they did with this last Lana arc all I have to say is "Don't let the door hit your asses when your leaving".

I hope smallville either ends this season or actually does get another season just to fail and all the fans that begged and begged for one more are the reason the show flopped.

I hope Smallville does come back for a season 9.

All you Smallville haters can go watch Melrose Place LMAO!!!!
Smallville RULEZ!!!

i sure hope they do i want more Lois and Clark

"one recovering alcoholic, a medical student who pays the bills with sexual favors."

Just take Lois with you to fill this part and save the need to cast two actors. She's had plenty of practice at both. You could have her sleeping with the guy that got her admitted into med school and he can like, be the first successful human cloned from illegal university studies in the 70's.

I certainly HOPE the show is renewed for a 9th season. I just love the direction it's taken this year (with the exception of the last 4 episodes). This is by far the BEST season of the show in years...and the chemistry between Tom Welling and Erica Durance is spellbinding.

Yeah yeah Let smallvillle be deadville! The show lost it`s gloty days after season 5!plus TW and ED HAVE ZERO CHEMISTRY!

I love Smallville i hope it goes on for many more seasons! Although i think this season has been one of the worst i still tune in every thursday to watch and will continue to do so. The whole thing they have done with Lana i thought was really horrible, But i guess they had to do something to make room for Lois, Also im getting tired of the whole Lex is dead(or is he? game)

I want to see Clark in alot more action and using all his powers. Or maybe a episode where all he does is fight a villian for the whole thing using every single one of his powers!

And as far as Chloe goes she is getting very annoying to watch. And what happend to Olsen?? Is he dead or maybe the epsiode i missed something happend to him?

As far as the remakes of 90210 & the Melrose place goes i think it's a good idead because both those shows were a big hit! My gf watching the 90210 & i have sat down and watched it with her a few times & didnt care for it at all! It's just like every other highschool drama crap on tv, Only thing going for the show is the okay looking girls! which dosent even keep me tuning in every week! I think i would rather keep on watching One Tree Hill Or Gossip Girl. A show that has really been good this season by far i think is Nip/Tuck! I love all the action & drama and the fights & the sex scenes or a def plus! Something about the show that draws me to it every week it's just diffrent i guess. SMALLVILLE IS STILL MY #1 THO!

As far as Swimmer & Slavkin go i could really careless if they go because like i said i thought this last season was pretty crappy! I will still watch it every week because im just so cought up into it since i started watching it from the begining. I hope Brian & Kelly turn it around and make it alot more interesting! Only time will tell, i hope the show continues for a long time.

SMALLVILLE already end on season 7!Clois SUX!

Smallville is still on the air? Really?! lol

Anyway, Melrose Place might be interesting...although the 90210 reboot started out promising and has since crashed. But I will give it a shot. I used to love the old Melrose Place!


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