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'Heroes': The crash, the hunter and a death

February 10, 2009 |  9:50 am

This week on "Heroes": the group survives a plane crash, a one-time villain falls, Peter's powers are diminished, the hunter is held in check, and daddy complexes dominate.

The hunter wastes no time making his presence felt as he and his men comb the wreckage of the plane crash.  This may be Sen. Nathan's initiative, but the hunter is making it pretty clear that, when push comes to shove, he'll take out any hero standing in the way. Everyone, at least every one of the heroes, made it out OK, though it seemed it would be a rough landing for those without a super-healing factor like Claire.

HeroesdaphneTime to run, but not far.  Heroes converge on heroes and they all meet up at a site overlooking the crash.  That's when Daphne zips in with Ando, zips over to save the cheerleader (who was in no danger with "my two dads" HRG and Nathan Petrelli around to protect her), then zips over to Matt Parkman for a loving embrace -- apparently her last as bullets riddle the speedster's body right in front of Parkman.

Yes, she could have a super-fast metabolism and healing factor that may help her survive, but I don't think so. This will definitely give precog Parkman more intensity, and maybe add a little nastiness to his game.  They could've shot her with a tranquilizer, but they didn't.

Meanwhile, scheming Tracy and Peter Petrelli conspire to kidnap Nathan.  This, of course, backfires because Nathan is smart, and Tracy is easily recaptured.  We also find out that Peter can now only absorb one power at a time, making him considerably less of a threat.  It's future talk, but we'll see if supercharger Ando can do anything about that.

So the guys meet up and decide, "Hey, we're being hunted.  Let's do some things to be ready for when they come."  Parkman wants revenge, and rightfully so, but first they have to interpret his precognitive drawings, one of which leads them to India.


Despite all the action elsewhere, the more interesting story was Sylar's quest for his papa.  Torturing an agent of the same group searching for the other heroes, and then threatening to torture the agent's wife and son, Sylar wants the location of the man he believes is his father.  These are great, unhurried scenes where Zach Quinto gets to squeeze every menacing moment out of it.  And we find out that the agent's son Luke has microwave powers.  Sylar gets in Luke's head, telling the kid his mom hates him and his dad abandoned him, both of which seem partially true.  Luke basically melts his own dad when the agent threatens Sylar and sets off with him as they steal the family station wagon to find Sylar's real pop.

The Sylar storyline is a bit more compelling than the heroes-running-from-the-government section, which is a shame because that is the focus of the show.  There was a lot of running around, but it didn't seem like there was any actual movement.  Daphne's death, Tracy's capture and Matt's drawings help it out, though. Claire is at least out of harm's way, but the mysterious texts she got at the end will undoubtedly pull her back in.  I have an idea where they're coming from.  If you do too, leave it in the comments below.

Can't exactly tell where it's going?  Me neither, and that may be a good thing.

-- Jevon Phillips