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'Heroes': Luke latches on and Rebel lurks

February 17, 2009 |  7:49 am

The best line of this "Building 26" episode of "Heroes" came from Sylar: "OK! Technically, I'm a serial killer."

Nup_140 The exchange between he and Luke, all of the exchanges between he and Luke, were great --  Luke eagerly reaching toward the father figure that is Sylar, and Sylar so callously brushing aside his friendly repartee.  "Luke, you have to stop trying to be my friend or I'm going to have to kill you."  Actors Dan Byrd (Luke) and Zachary Quinto (Sylar) have a good chemistry going.  After giving Luke advice and saving him from government capture, is Sylar softening, or is he just saving Luke for himself later?  Going with the latter here.


New Delhi.  The whole storyline was, to me, a waste.  If it is over, Hiro and Ando did nothing by going to India except allow Hiro to figure out that he could make a difference sans powers, and show that even with powers, all it takes is a big pot to smack Ando over the head and he's done.  If Matt drew something like the image above, though, we should assume it's important, and that there may be more to this.  Hope so.

Nathan's still playing the political game, and now a bigger fish has come along. Abby Collins of Homeland Security is looking to shut down this "magic" witch hunt.  Until ... ohh, lookee here, Tracy escapes.  And what are the chances that Tracy Strauss, Washington lobbyist and girl who gets things done, knows the Homeland Security liaison?  Apparently, pretty good.  Abby watches Tracy flash freeze a guy, and <poof!> Nathan's funding is back.  Smells like a setup, and it is.  But it wasn't Nathan.  The Hunter wants to continue hunting.

Annnnnndd, we're back in a comic-book store -- and Claire is still on her hero kick, this time warning underwater-breather Alex about the arrival of danger in the form of her father, HRG.  And all of this based on sketchy info from a text message?  More on that later.  It was not a very scintillating scenario, but the Claire versus HRG situation did set up HRG's decision to leave his family.  Will he be a wild card?  Will he shadow Claire and protect her?  Will he .. oh. Peter and Matt just captured him.  And I was just thinking that maybe it's better to just concentrate on two story lines per episode, but I did want to know what was going on with Peter P. and Matt P.  Lo and behold, they show up at the end, and I'm supposed to be fine with that?  Actually, I am.  Matt delving into HRG's memory/past will be very interesting next week.

Lastly ... who is Rebel?  This person who knows whom to help, when and where?  Hits Claire up on her cellphone?  Can fax people in India to get a message to Hiro and Ando -- who aren't therMilohaydene yet?  Probably not a Costa Verde Community College student with precognitive powers, though it's possible.  Is it someone we already know, a new player or a splinter group just trying to help out?  Commenter Keith thinks it's Noah/HRG, and I have ideas (I think it's more than one person), but I'd like to hear yours in the comments section.

With a 4.9/7 rating last week (dropping from its Feb. 2 standing), a good season by the "Heroes" crew is not being seen by many.  Guess people are more interested in Milo and Hayden's split than the plights of Claire and Peter.

-- Jevon Phillips