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‘Hell’s Kitchen’: Lacey, Colleen in hot water

February 5, 2009 | 10:20 pm

Chef Ramsay gives them griefA scallop-shucking competition started the night, with the men’s team besting the women’s teams by one scallop. Their prize was a helicopter ride to do some sightseeing on Catalina Island, except for Robert, who had to take the ferry because, at about 400 lbs., he was too heavy for the aircraft. (It wasn’t much of a prize -– he basically got off the ferry, turned around and got back on for the return trip.)

But all that was an appetizer for the main entrée: Lacey ended up on the chopping block after spending much of the day in bed, crying and pouting about how hard it all was while her teammates prepped.

Meanwhile, Colleen –- the clueless cooking instructor from Nebraska -– ended up alongside her after she managed to serve a piece of salmon that was burned on the outside and raw on the inside.

She earned a severe tongue lashing from Ramsay: “You’re robbing people! You’re a thief!” he told her, referring to the fact that she charges several hundred dollars to teach people how to cook. “I’m concerned for the poor bastards you’re taking money off of!”

The two women were saved from elimination by Ji, who volunteered to go home after hurting her ankle so severely she couldn’t continue in the competition. Chef Ramsay let her keep her chef’s jacket -– a “Hell’s Kitchen” first, I believe -- as a symbol of courage and pride.

So the race is on –- who will get stripped of their chef’s jacket and go home first, Lacey or Colleen?

And is Chef Ramsay being too hard on Colleen?

--Rene Lynch

Photo credit: Fox