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'Biggest Loser:' Bob plays the game, Mike saves his dad

"Dane and no one else."

Those were the instructions Bob whispered to his team members as the weigh-in came to a close -- noteworthy because it offered a rare look at a trainer taking part in the game-playing that goes on at "The Biggest Loser" ranch. Earlier this season, Jillian also referred to the iron grip that Bob apparently has on his teammates -- but that was hearsay.

Tonight, we got to see it for ourselves.

Bob was referring to the black team's Dane, who, along with his cousin and fellow teammate, Blaine, fell below the dreaded yellow line. But was Bob directing his players to vote to eliminate Dane -- or to keep him and send Blaine home?

We might never know.

But Blaine begged the players to send him home so he could see his child, born while Blaine has been at the ranch. After much back and forth, the teammates did just that.

What do you think? Were you surprised to see Bob injecting himself in the game? Or is it a given that Bob and Jillian are doing all they can to help their teammates -- and themselves?

Other highlights of the night:

-- How hard is it to stand on one foot? Very hard, apparently.

-- Laura might not be long for the ranch. If that's true, will she drag Tara down with her? Jillian is gunning for her for phoning it in in the gym (the boxing exercise was proof).

-- Mike, who along with his dad, Ron, fell below the yellow line the last two weeks, literally worked so hard in the gym that he cried -- and he lost 13 pounds and kept himself and his dad at the ranch for at least one more week.

-- Kristin was lucky. Had she not won immunity in that insane pole challenge, she probably would have been sent packing after gaining 2 pounds at the weigh-in.

-- Talk about working off your meal: Bob made his teammates hike more than 5 miles in one direction to get to a Subway to enjoy a healthy lunch -- and then hike back home.

-- Filipe and Sione are in this thing to win it.

-- Memo to Aubrey: You pounced all over Joelle for her lackluster performance -- but you lost a measley 1 pound this last week. If you cannot put up, you should at least shut up.

-- Memo to Mandi: You should get a copy of tonight's show and play it over and over. Listen to what Jillian is saying about the dynamics between you and your husband.

-- Memo to Aubrey and Mandi: Listen, I know it must be hard to be away from your kids. But why do you two act like this is the end of the world? Your children are being well cared for, and you will see them sooner rather than later. Do you need to be reminded that you are trying to win $250,000 for your family? If your husbands do not support that, you have a bigger problem than being stuck at the ranch. But either way, stop acting like you are only here because someone is holding a gun to your head.

-- Rene Lynch

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I totally did not get that "Dane and no one else" stuff from Bob. How weird to think the trainers are in on the game-playing. Aren't they supposed to be against that? Remember when Erik drank a bunch of water to throw the weigh-in and he gained 13 pounds? Bob was furious. So this makes no sense.

The elimination was anti-climatic. Blaine wanted to go home to his family and new baby. Who wouldn't?

And I'm really encouraged by the father-son team. This week might have been a turning point.

As for Mandi and Aubrey, I agree they are very annoying. And isn't that why we all overeat, to stuff down parts of ourselves that are troubled? Without the drug of the food, the truth reveals itself. After the show, all of these people need to get therapy or get into 12-step groups.

Kristen faked this week's meaningless weigh-in with the emotional "I want to go under 300" speech to put others off the track. She will quickly lose that extra water weight and be that much ahead next week. And the pink team, especially Mom, is ruthless too.

I love Filipe and Tara and Mike. Aubrey should work harder and keep her mouth shut; Mandi uses her family as an excuse. Not fair to herself or her family dynamics.

Maybe we will finally hear Dane speak next week.

who left the ranch on 10 feb 2009 to be sent home


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