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America's Next Top Shorty

Cwantm11analeigh_200 Ladies, you know that lie you tell yourself when you look at fashion models? "The one thing keeping me from being a model is my height"? Well, now there's no excuse.  Removing itself further than ever from the actual world of fashion, for its 13th cycle, "America's Next Top Model" has now put a height MAXIMUM on its contestants: a whopping 5 feet, 7 inches.

“There have been top supermodels in the past that weren’t as tall as the industry demands, like fashion icon Kate Moss,” said Tyra Banks in a press release announcing the casting call.  “So we are changing up ‘Top Model’ for cycle 13 and making it a year for the shorter model!”

What's going to be the gimmick for the next casting call? Models with no faces?

—Claire Zulkey

(Photo: Analeigh, Cycle 11. Credit: The CW)

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Does anyone know the location for the casting call in LA. I really would love to give it a shot.
Please help a girl out. Thank you so much.

Now that America's Next top Model for 5'7 and under cycle 13 is over will there be another cycle for the 5'7 and under?
thanks in advance

It really upsets me to know that my dream is limited by either my age or height, I am who I am god made me this way. I can't help how I feel about wanting something but others can help!! I need to find those people willing to help or just give me a chance. What makes someone else better than me? Cant be their height! Cant be their age! Can't be their features! NO ONE is better than ME! thats how we all should look at it. I refuse to let my dream down because of thingsI cannot fix! The world is full of different people and we are all special in our own way that is why we have our own dreams, nothing should limit us but that is what the world will try to do. I am better thanthat to have that kill my dreams! it may take me a long time but I will become successful! I will become a " TOP MODEL" maybe not for Tyra but there has to be more opportunities for me. If I had the connects and the finances I would start my own "TOP MODEL" agency and let people show their talent reguardless if they are too old or too short or maybe even too tall!

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