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'America's Best Dance Crew': The last quest for beats

In its most diverse season to date, the viewers of "America's Best Dance Crew" finally got it right with their choice of the final two crews.  The best, most consistent and most popular crews all season long made it to the end.

Whether that makes it anti-climactic or not is up to everyone watching, but it has played out to expectations.  The last piece was put into place when the popular Quest Crew, having to battle in the bottom two for the first time, went head-to-head with the little dancers that could, Fly Khicks.  The Miami girls are used to the position, whereas Quest Crew members may have felt like they had something to prove.  And prove it they did.

The challenge was a hip-hop decathlon. A cool plus was bringing in members from past crews to demonstrate the styles needed.  Frost from Supreme Soul got wild with some krumping, Mike from Kaba Modern displayed tutting, No. 1 b-boy Ronnie from Super Cr3w dazzled with some threading, Taeko from Fysh 'n Chicks scooted around with some housing, and K.B. from the mercurial Jabbawockeez showed the crews how to wave.  One of the tougher challenges that concentrated on dance more so than coming up with some kind of concept or theatricality.

Beat Freaks was safe, so the group's members did the challenge knowing that they were going to the finals.  But they didn't slack off. A lot of energy, as it usually is for them.  Rino, Maryss, Keeley, Lindsey, Teresa, Lady Jules, and Shorty continue to bring it.  They had expressed some fear of the krumping section, but JC Chasez later said that it was their strongest part.

The problem for Fly Khicks is that we've seen Quest Crew do most of these, maybe not krumping and housing, but the other dances.  I don't know that we've seen Fly Khicks do it ... and it showed.  Quest Crew came out and performed one of the best sequences on the show, up there with Jabbawockeez's jazzy performance, Fanny Pack's "Get Your Freak On," and Super Cr3w's James Brown ninja.  The energy in the taping room was stifling, and their tutting and krumping sections had even the usually uninspired invitee section of the crowd on their feet cheering.  Judges Lil Mama ("Y'all. Want. It!"), Shane Sparks, ("I saw every detail ... sick!"), and JC Chasez ("You nailed every section.") agreed.

Fly Khicks didn't have a chance after that, but they came out and gave it all they had.  They're not tutters or threaders or wavers, but they are dancers, and they put forth a good effort with barely any mistakes.  It didn't inspire the crowd or pump as much energy in, though ... so Fly Khicks was eliminated.  In the video below, I misspoke.  Shane didn't say that he would take Fly Khicks to Carnival, he just said that they were the crew he would most like to do choreography for.

Then Quest Crew and Beat Freaks had the chance to give the viewers/crowd a final performance to woo voters in the last dance challenge, dancing to custom-made beats that the crews put together in a studio.  Beat Freaks came out and did what it does best, spotlighting each member of the crew, popping and locking, breaking and hitting robotic movements hard, all while a huge drawing of a boom box in the background.  Not as good as their previous two performances, but solid.  Maryss From Paris (who incidently is in the process of auditioning for "Step Up 3") will tell you why you should vote for Beat Freaks.

Quest Crew brought a piano on stage and proceeded to dance around it, do headspins on it and even play it (well) while throwing in numerous tricks and flips.  It was not as action-packed as the group's previous performance, but it still wowed the crowd, and Lil Mama enjoyed the crew's jazzy vibe.  The crew, mostly Hok and D Trix, explain why you should vote for Quest Crew.

Who will win?  It's a close one, with that age-old debate of whether you vote based on this show or the entire season coming into play.  Based on this show, Quest Crew should be your champions.  But if you're going for the crew consistently best, Beat Freaks takes it. I tend to believe that the last dance challenge is a showcase to pull votes, and not a competition entry.  But who knows?  Both of these L.A.-area crews would represent well.

-- Jevon Phillips

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I disagree with your comment about consistency.

Quest is the only crew that's been consistent.
BF only had one or two routines that was 'wow' worthy.
plus if they really want and all girl crew to win, FK would fit that bill because they're actually comfortable with femininity in their routines. if i remember correctly, BF complained with the whole 'sexy' act during the Britney week.

but i digress.

Quest definitely showed EVERYONE that they mean serious business. And they are well deserving of the America's Best Dance Crew title. hands down.

and personally, their last performance was so much better because they didn't ask an unknown rapper to rap for them. it was all ryan's siiick musical composition.

Well said, Michelle. BF was good, but Lil Mama was right, it wasn't their best performance. I wasn't wowed by the final performance either. Quest Crew came with it hard last night and showed they were better. And I'm glad Fly Khicks went home. FINALLY.

Yo Jevon, where's my pics at? : )

apparently Beatfreaks fans are extremely desperate in having Beatfreaks as the 'all girl crew' who wins this season.

so desperate that they've succumb to this atrocity


they're using autoclickers to make sure that Beatfreaks take the crown!

and apparently it's technically legal!

what happened to this show??

I disagree. if you're voting based on the whole season Quest has been consistent. Every week they came hard. Beat Freakz only had 2 holy crap routines. Quest has 8 holycrap routines. Beat Freakz does too much of the same moves. they always always do the same old pop and locking. at least Quest doesn't do the same moves over. like they only did a flare once. d-trix did airflares again but flipped it doing elbow airflares. u can tell Quest wanted it more than beat freakz last night. they went hard.

I completely agree with what Michelle wrote. Quest has been the most consistent crew this season. Every single one of Quest's performances were amazing, except for their two week 7 performances, which were just absolutley mind blowing and completely shattered the bar the jbwkz set with their hip hop evolution performance.

Beat Freakz on the other hand were not as consistent. They had 1 amazing performance this season with the rest being either good and mediocre/sloppy. As for their week 7 performances, I was disappointed. Though I am a Quest fan, I was expecting a great performance since this was their last chance to perform in hopes of getting votes. I think Beat Freakz got cocky thinking they already have this win in the bag b/c the judges [ mainly Shane Sparks ], and many other crews from the past seasons were supporting them, and the producers seem to want an all girl crew to win.

Honestly, gender along with race, age, coast, or "problems" [the sob stories we always hear from the crews] should play no role when judging dancing.

Beat Freakz are a good crew, but Quest is an amazing crew, and they really deserve to win. VQTE!!!

I actually think the opposite of most of you. I think Beat Freaks have been consistently better than Quest.

Admittedly, Orquestra was a better piece than Freak the Dream, but if you're talking about a crew that consistently got better and stronger as the show went on, I'd give it to Beat Freaks. I thought they're week 2 performance wasn't very strong and the only thing that really worked for them in that performance (which is also evident in all their other performances) is that they have a wicked sense of humor. The same thing goes for their week 4 performance.

In comparison, I think Beat Freaks had been getting consistently stronger despite having a style that sometimes doesn't work well with a challenge. The Britney Challenge being the most evident. I can understand their uneasiness about having to replicate the sexiness that Britney oozes when she dances, there aren't a lot of people that can dance the way Britney does without looking like a complete ('complete being the operative word) whore (ie. WIlla Ford, PCD, etc). If you ask me; for a challenge that, Michelle says, was more suitably feminine for the Fly Kicks, they didn't do that well that week and I thought Beat Freaks really didn't seem to have much of a problem with the femininity/sexiness issue.

From a Professional Dancer's point of view. Beat Freaks were more consistent throughout the entire season in the sense that they were always original, fresh, and always played the challenges, they were UNPREDICTABLE. In Quest's case, they were consistent in that they were the same throughout each performance, not really showing anything different than following the same formula: awesome trick, pose, something funny...even when given challenges, they were the same: PREDICATABLE. There last performance was good though, but after seeing performances of them on some American Idol giveaway clip, I was like: all those tricks in that performance were all the SAME tricks they did throughout this whole season. To me, the Season 3 winners need to push the envelope or we get MORE OF THE SAME. Regardless of an Amazing final performance, overall, I have to give it to the ladies of BEAT FREAKS. To me, they are ABDC.

Marie from beat freaks even said they didn't do much in the last episode beCAUSE they wanted to show people who they really are ...http://www.latimes.com/video/?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=3492583 watch at 45 secs for her statement

Gotta love how girls can rally to a cause. I heard all the prehype into this season with beat freaks and I felt let down with what they couldn’t do. Basic Bboy moves that everyone has seen before. IF girl did an air flare or anything on the level Lil Ceng or Taisuke they would win hands down. If you don’t know youtube it and know you know ^_^

What Quest does is better tricks than, “Status No!” Their theatrics on par with jabba. If they put on mask and go head to head.. .. it would be amazing. The only way you can resolve this is to play all 7 performances (8 actually) side by side and have people vote.

Also there is no comparison to jabbawockeez it’s a very distinct style like
Korea B-Boy Expression Crew, and check out their MARIONETTE performance.. f’n amazing. If anyone is seriously making that consideration or how about Beat Freaks to Jabbawockeez or Super Crew? Would the ladies be out of their league? ^_^

PS you can also look up vids with girls doing air flares… still blows my mind! Or bgirls doing things you would see on the Red Bull BC 1 competitions.

I'm glad that the two strongest crews are the final two this season! (it's about time!) From a professional dancer's point of view, I believe that Quest Crew should take the title, not only because of their amazing performances every week, and exceptional athletisism, but above all they are ENTERTAINING and leave you wanting to see more. You don't have to know anything about dance to appreciate what they do, you could be 80 yrs old or 3 yrs old and still enjoy their performances. They execute a variety of dance styles with perfection, as well as their tricks. I think its unfair that the judges have been biased against them, and a lot of their talent goes unpraised.

I do love beatfreaks as well, i think they are awesome, and they have had stellar performances as well. However, they were slacking last episode, which was the most crucial episode. i don't think they should win just because of the "we are an all female group" card, Yes they bring something new to the table, and their extremely talented, but the competition comes down to who is the stronger crew OVERALL... Quest Crew should win it.

It's quite annoying many people are playing gender and appearance as a driving factor to voting. With the start of Quest & Beat Freaks obviously being the top two, so many are appealed to Beat Freaks because they are different: alternative looking, not a typical Jabba, Kaba, So Real, Super crew < asian and mostly male with exception of those that have both genders. Beat Freaks is all female OH MY GOD! They must win, I mean we posisbly cannot have another male asian dance group to win they just dont deserve it.

First it totally degrades Beat Freaks because the justification is depleting BF as to a driving factor to their win is that they are different and all girl. Can they not just equally compete with Quest Crew? In many performances all the critiques by the judges have been skewed to only breathlessly amazing when clearly their was some sloppiness but it can slide they are a new look.

Dont get me wrong, I think Beat Freaks is an awesome crew and deserves to be in top 2. Heck I'm all for them winning. I feel both Quest and Beat Freaks were both consistent throughout the whole season. Each having two individual AWESOME performances. So I wouldnt mind either to win. But I admittedly am rooting on Quest Crew because just overall I feel, and many can be opposed to this, that they have been more consistent where I feel BF got sloppy and were not sync in several performances. But thats open to every own critic's opinion and can be likewise said to Quest Crew.

In defense to Quest Crew on originality. I dont know if it's just me but BF had such an easier time to show creativity given the fact that they were thrown songs that were out of their style... It's survival of the fittest, got to adapt with what's thrown.

Michelle said everything^^


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