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'The Biggest Loser' premiere: Bigger contestants, biggest twist yet

Biggestloser Season 7 of “The Biggest Loser: Couples” kicks off tonight with its most diabolical and heart-wrenching twist yet. Too bad we are sworn to secrecy. But let’s just say that it’s a twist that will amp up the competition to a whole new level.

And that’s just one of the reasons this season will stand out from the rest. Break out the superlatives because this season of “The Biggest Loser” will also include:

--The heaviest woman ever to appear on the show –- that would be Carla, who weighs in at 379 pounds.

--The youngest contestant ever: Ron, 18, who weighs 388 pounds.

--The oldest contestants ever: grandparents Estella and Jerry, both 63. (She weight 242 pounds, and he weighs 369 pounds.)

--And the heaviest contestant ever: Daniel, who, at just 19, already weighs 454 pounds.

Once again, contestants will . . .

... be brought in as pairs: Cousins, best friends, father and son, sisters, mother and daughter.

It’s a format that has proved popular with viewers as it adds to the drama.

But it’s not so popular with trainer Jillian Michaels, who says it can interfere with her ability to do her job.

“I would have gotten rid of that format. I hate it,” she said.

As fans of the show know, Jillian is all about bringing contestants to the breaking point both inside and outside the gym as she tries to, in her words, “drill down” to the emotional reasons behind contestants’ obesity.

Forcing contestants to get raw and look at those truths is uncomfortable.

And that’s a state Jillian wants them to live in for a while as they confront their weight.

But contestants can be pulled back to their old reality by having a loved one to turn to in the midst of all of this — someone who will give them a shoulder to cry on and tell them, “There, there. It’s not so bad,” or make Jillian out to be the bad person.

"I’m like, ‘I’m so close. I’ve almost got them where I want them. Leave them alone!’” Jillian said during an interview at the start of the filming for Season 7.

“Things don’t change when you’re comfortable,” she added. “You need to get uncomfortable and face these issues — once and for all.”

There’s a stunning example of this in tonight’s episode, when Jillian is all up in the grille of one of the contestants on the green team. We won’t give anything away, but watch closely and you’ll see the contestant literally shaken from the “trance” Jillian has put her in when her friend comes over in the midst of it all to give her a “there, there” hug.

Surprising that Jillian didn’t snap at her.

Jillian and co-trainer Bob Harper say there can be an upside to the couples format, however. Bob said the interaction between couples gives him clues to the reasons behind a contestant’s obesity and helps him tailor his approach. And contestants ideally can rely upon each other when they’re back home.

“It’s information, and information helps me do what I do,” Bob said.   


(Photo courtesy NBC)

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The new "twist" is pathetic!!!!!....I am getting so sick and tired of them always trying to add a new twist to every season. I don't know if I will watch anymore of the season....this is not motivating any longer.

Without the twist it just becomes the same old game play. They will form alliances and vote off deserving and hard working people that need this chance. Look at last season. Vicki thought she had it all figured out but the twist left her sneaky self with out a dime. HAHA

Sorry, Friend, but the twist is necessary!!

The twist is terrible. Those people NEED to be there. They aren't just overweight they are in danger! And not only that they are now highly motivated and they'll go home and attempt to drop the 20-30 pounds like they did on the ranch without medical supervision. Bring those contestants back!

I can't believe that they said this was biggest contestants ever and then they send 9 people home! I'm fine with a twist, but every SINGLE one of those people needed to be there for more than a week. Those weights are outrageous and dangerous. I am really mad and may not watch anymore, its lost its appeal......

This twist was insane! I cried. I agree with the person above, these people are a health risk and are not prepared to safely lose weight at home on their own. Don't bring them on the show to show them another rejection. I guess drama boosts ratings, but this show is supposed to be about human beings. This twist put Biggest Loser on the level of numerous reality shows that thrive on the pain of people shown publicly. Just my thoughts.

I am getting disappointed in this show. For the last several seasons I've got'n irritated over the game playing, plots and twists. This is not fun. Why can't it just be about the weight loss. This season is now the worst. Building peoples hopes up just to send them home in the first week. In the interest of ratings, the producers are playing with peoples heads and I don't like it.

I am getting disappointed in this show. For the last several seasons I've got'n irritated over the game playing, plots and twists. This is not fun. Why can't it just be about the weight loss. This season is now the worst. Building peoples hopes up just to send them home in the first week. In the interest of ratings, the producers are playing with peoples heads and I don't like it.

I am not watching this show anymore ... They screwed up super dancers and now with this Get a Grip.. All those guys should have stayed what is wrong with that!!!!

Agree with Missi, these people need help. You get their hopes up and then crush them by leaving so many go on the first night. Lets see how well they do while at home with no help. The rest of us have to do it on our own. If they do, it will show they truly want to lose weight.

This is the dumbest thing yet. These people were hoping to get help and instead they were victimized. What a terrible thing to do to these desperate people.

I think what took place on this week show was very bias they shouldv'e send the brown team home that failed below the yellow line again and gave Carla and Joelle another chance instead fo ganging up on them mostly women not supprting eah other on am emotion level . I will continue to watch the show but this has left a negative vibe to me about the other players

This is crazy to use peoples misery to boost ratings. I agree if they get on the show give them a few weeks to learn nutrition, exercise and have some support. Not get there be prepared to change their lives and then send them home. In power them , it took some much for them to come foward to get turn away instantly. Yes obesity is an epidemic, however, the biggest loser is an amazing show don't forget your main purpose. Reteach America good eating habits to stop the cycle.......

I have watched the show all season. I am sooooo mad that Helen won! She didn't deserve it...for many weeks she didn't even try!! Tara kicked everyone's butt and proved over and over that she wanted it and that she deserved to be there and deserved to win! The other contestants should have gotten rid of Helen when they had the chance! What kind of mother sacrifices her own daughter for her own selfish reasons! Biggest Loser my butt...Biggest Mistake (the contestants made was keeping her!)
Way to go Jerry for doing it at home all those months and winning that at home challenge!!!!!
And Mike and Ron...WOW!! Those two are amazing. Mike is going to inspire a lot of people and Ron will as well. He is an amazing man who truly loves his family! And Kristen....that woman is awesome! I would love to hear her speak!
i want to meet Tara, Ron, Mike and Kristen...They are AMAZING and inspiring!!!!!


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