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TCA Press Tour: Mira Sorvino's mucus, a.k.a the worst moment of press tour/our lives?

Sometimes during TCA -- in between segments of work and the work of deleting e-mail -- a truly unexpected moment takes place.

During NBC's string of panels Thursday, that moment occurred during the news conference for "The Last Templar," a miniseries starring Scott Foley, Mira Sorvino and Victor Garber.

"The Last Templar" was filmed in a bunch of places internationally, so someone asked the panel to relate a little anecdote about something that happened "either on the set or off."

The cast bantered a bit about working with Omar Sharif and how Sorvino split her lip and broke some teeth during an filming accident.

And then Sorvino began telling a story about how she was sick on the day when she and Foley had to shoot a very romantic kiss. A "horrendous cold" is how she characterized the illness.

The two of them discussed this for a while -- that Foley ended up getting sick himself, yada yada -- when Foley burst out with the following:

"I think the only thing worse than ending up that sick was pulling back after every take -- this is disgusting -- with gobs of Mira's mucus in my mouth."

WHAT? There was a collective gasp among the press corps.

It went on:

Sorvino:  Oh, stop that.  That is disgusting.

Foley:  Gobs of --

Sorvino:  That was not necessary.

Foley:  It's the truth.  So much --

Garber:  Who knew this was going on?  I had no idea.

Sorvino:  I'm sorry I told this story.

So are we, Mira Sorvino!

Garber:  I was in the hotel, drinking probably.

No number of drinks will erase this memory, Victor Garber!

-- Kate Aurthur

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