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'Superstars of Dance': Viewers liked it, but critics ...


Many on the dance watch ("America's Best Dance Crew," "So You Think You Can Dance," "Dancing With The Stars") were probably quietly hoping that NBC's "Superstars of Dance" did well. The mixture of styles, the continuation of the love of dance, and even cheesy Michael "Lord of the Dance" Flatley helped the show's Sunday preview get the network's highest non-sports results in the time period since Feb. 17 among adults 18-49 and total viewers with a 3.1/7 in the 18-49 category (10.4 million viewers overall), according to NBC.

"Superstars of Dance" ranked No. 2 in the the time period among adults 18-49 and tied for No. 1 among men 18-49. It was going up against CBS' "Cold Case" and "The Unit" and a rerun of Fox's "24: Redemption" movie.

There are lots of recaps, but reviews are rolling in slowly for the show. With pretty good numbers, it looks like the audience will stay along for the ride, with international regions (like India) probably rooting for their squads.  But looking at some of the comments, next week's premiere of "America's Best Dance Crew" (Jan. 15) can't come fast enough!

Headline: 'Superstars of Dance' premiere: Just, WHY? ... I do recommend viewing the show as if it's an intentionally arranged nightmare ... which is pretty much the definition of what it is ANYWAY ... aggghh, mind melt!" Annie Barrett, Entertainment Weekly

Headline: 'Superstars': A Blinding Onslaught of Glitz "If last night's premiere of 'Superstars of Dance' is any guide, you'll need a strong stomach -- and preferably an empty one -- to watch the second installment of the show tonight." Sarah Kaufman, the Washington Post

That's only a couple. For NBC, it's the numbers that count. And they're jitterbugging mightily right about now.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photo: Shaolin Monks of China. Credit: Chris Haston / NBC

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I've got two left feet myself so dancing is out but I can use them to get off the couch and find the remote and change the channel. Nigel Lythgoe maybe shouldn't have quit Idol. This show is nothing but a big waste of time.

The dancers shown as Indian were not really from India, just children of Indian Parents born and brought up in America, hence didn't do a good job of representing Indian dance. Wonder why they didn't bring real dancers from India

Most of the comments I've read on different blogsites have been negative and I agree. Based on those comments, don't expect anything close to those same numbers for the remaining episodes of SOD. (And SODden it is. . .).

PS: Anyone else think that Michael Flatley is the reincarnation of Lawrence Welk?

As a big dance fan, I thought I would really like this show, but as a viewer, I am hard-pressed to understand how the judges come up with their scores. It seems very inconsistent to me -- almost as if many of them do not understand the types of dance and are judging based on personal preferences. Like comparing apples to oranges....

Dear God. The show made me so angry! It was boring, slow moving, the scoring made no sense, it was cheesy and not even remotely entertaining. After seeing the Jabberwocky group on the MTVs dance show, I am ruined for all other dancing. Nothing captivated me, nothing moved me, nothing got me engaged. I will NOT be tuning back in. Yawn.

The judges no absolutely nothing about real dance. Their scores are so backwards. As a dancer myself i am sad to say but this show is very disappointing. The female USA tap dancer was absolutely the best!!!!
GET NEW JUDGES!!!! I am sitting with other viewer of the show and they are mad as well.

Superstars of Dance is nothing but a disaster. From Mr. Flatley to the "worlds best dancers" this show stinks!!!! This is the first time in my long life that I have turned off a show before the first hour was up. You advertise the show as the best dancers in the world. You were kidding weren't you? Most of the acts that I saw in the first hour didn't even move their feet. Isn't that part of dancing? I think this is an embarrasement to the dance community. TAKE IT OFF OF THE AIR!!!!!!

Awful, an insult to dancers...where did they find these dancers????????????????

Hate this show. The judges don't even get the complexity of the dancing - especially Argentina and South Africa! The whole lot is pathetic. This show is a loser.

Someone needs to remind the 'dancers' that gymnastics is not dancing. I've seen more people hopping in the air and rolling on the floor than I have dancing. This show is horrible. And then add the judges into it and their prejudices start to show. If a judge gives their dancer a bad score...they retaliate on that judge's dancer. Bummers...I was hoping for so much more.

Why do you need judges? Just watching the dancing is enough. Some of the judges, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia are terrible.

As typical these days, other countries score Americans low on purpose. I'm tired of seeing it and many of the rest of you are too. Argentina especially scores other countries low to try to insure the higher place.

The judges are very arrogant, how can a judge from South Africa judge a traditional dance from India. That guy is an idiot. NBC should re-work the show to give a history of the dances around the world and why they exist and just let us watch the show, like the guy before wrote why do we need judges.

If this was the best the US. had to offer no wonder we are losing grace with the rest of the world. Hip Hop or whatever that was is an insult to more than half of America. We are so much better than that... The show is a waste of time and it has a score of 0 for me....

I can see the show losing viewers really fast. Isn't it a bit presumptuous of Mr. Flatley to describe the show as "the greatest dance competition on the planet"? I think the whole thing is lacking both in its conception and execution. How greedy can Migel Lithgoe and Co. be? It reminds me of the movie Trail of the Pink Panther, which Blake Edwards patched form bits and pieces of Peter Sellers' earlier performances, mistakenly thinking he could pull off as a real movie.

This show is horrible. Where are the real dancers at. With all of these different countries, they have beautiful dances, so where are they? The dancing upsets me but more so the judges are horrible. Its like they are to scared to vote the way they want in fear that Argentina and South Africa will bit their heads off. A big thumbs down for us.....

You're kidding me right? You're saying that "viewers" loved it because it was the No. 2 rated show that night. The show was downright a waste of time and those ratings definitely need a quick re-check.

This show has so many problems but I think the concept itself is the primary issue. C'mon...these judges are really going to give low scores to these "superstars"???? And how do you even begin to compare dances from different countries...let alone judge them. Geez..the first dance along they already were giving 9s and 10s. And you're left to wonder...what are they even judging?

And they even showcased the popper from So You Think You Can Dance. Don't get me wrong, I love his dancing, but the show treated him as if he was this new superstar discovery when he fact he appeared on SYTYCD and quit the competition.

Let's end this nightmare early.

What a farce!!!! The dancing is amazing however the judging is obscene. This show will never last if the judges dont get honest. I for one am disappointed enough to turn it off and thats a shame.

This show is needs to be stopped before it creates an international incident! It is embarassing in the extreme! One of many negative observations and questions that come to mind: Who defines what is dance? The Chinese have a tradition of military dances, but most of the judges arbitrarily ruled out marshall moves and then complained that there wasn't enough dance in the routine! Ugh!

I watched this show hoping that I would see the best dancers throughout the world. This program is an extremely waste of television time. There are a few and only a few great dancers, the others are mediocre. If this is the best the world has to offer then they need to go back to the drawing board.

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