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Orrin Hatch talks about Ted Kennedy on ABC

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) told ABC that he accompanied Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) out to the ambulance with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.).

Sen_kennedy_kds2gtnc_300 Hatch said Kennedy appeared to have a seizure.

"He was starting to do OK by the time he was wheeled into the ambulance," Hatch said. "He was conscious. He was speaking. I'd rather not characterize it. I'm not a doctor and all I can say is he's in our prayers."

Hatch said he told his old friend, "Just hang in there, Teddy, you're going to be all right and we're praying for you. He knows all those things are important.

"I personally wished he hadn't come today," he added. "But he's a person who loves history and the history of this place. He's always there at things that matter and all major events and he wouldn't have missed this for the world. This is, as you can see by the response out there, one of the most important days in the history of this country. To be able to basically in one fell swoop get rid of the racist past of this country is something we all ought to be very pleased with. And I think that's one reason Sen. Kennedy was here. He's fought very hard for civil rights his whole lifetime."

--Maria Elena Fernandez

(Photo: Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., arrives at the U.S. Capitol)

(Credit: Ron Edmonds / AP)

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It's funny: Despite all the strain and misery partisanship on both sides have caused, it's always refreshing to see politicians show civility and decency. Bless Orrin Hatch for his kind remarks.

Aah, so it's partisanship that causes people who believe in justice and fair play to call out the "democrats", the press, and Kennedy because he got off basically scot-free for leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown alone in his car (and didn't report the accident for 11 hours) because of his family's money and political connections, with never a word of condemnation from either his party or their bought-and-paid-for media. When was the last time you heard any "democrat" utter a word of sadness or sorrow on Mary Jo's behalf?

Imagine if you can the screams, howls and paroxysms of rage from the "democrats", liberals, pinkos, commies and the leftist groupie press if BUSH had gotten drunk, ran his car off the road, left a young woman in it to drown, ran away, got the lawyers in, didn't report it for 11 hours, and got off with probation for leaving the scene of an accident! How about if he had conspired with the Mafia to have Castro assassinated? How about if he had gone to a racist, anti-American church with his family for 20 years? What if he lied about ducking sniper bullets? If Carter was President today, 400 American Embassy personnel would still be being abused in Iran!

Any news story that does not allow openly comments on the net is no news story at all it is just propaganda Orrin Hatch listens to people like Nancy Dis-Grace. Have you read her Wicky page and her reporting has directly connected to the death of interviewees. How these people continue in service to (our) country is beyond me. These worthless thieves have created a horrible mess.


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