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'Gossip Girl': From bore to score

January 19, 2009 | 10:46 pm

Gg_blairhugsserena After last week's barrage of plot twists and turns, I expected Monday night's "Gossip Girl" to be a little mellow. And it was at first: early Yale acceptance e-mails, B papers and trips to the opera aren't exactly stuff worthy of a juicy Gossip Girl posting.

The end, however, reminded us what show we were watching. Lily legally adopting Chuck and gaining well over the majority of Bass Industries! Jack attacking Lily in the opera house bathroom! Blair declaring war on her teacher! It all made me sit up at attention.

I've got to admit, I did yawn during the first half of the episode. We find out that Dan and Serena both earned early acceptance into Yale while poor Blair gets wait-listed. Serena sacrifices her spot for B because in truth, she really wants to go to Brown. Zzzz. Dan and Serena now have an issue other than the fact that their parents are dating to distract them. Dan's plan to escape their "Flowers in the Attic" situation has been foiled. What will happen to their relationship once they're living miles apart?

Dan and Serena's hopes for a short-lived affair between Rufus and Lily won't soon be realized. Lily came on strong by introducing Rufus to society so soon after Bart's death. Yes, in the real world it would have lacked some tact, but that kind of brazen behavior makes me love Lily. Adopting Chuck was an interesting twist in the Jack vs. Chuck story. Frankly, I didn't think they'd wrap it up so quickly. They swept Jack's secret with Blair under the rug and summed up Chuck's efforts to overthrow him with a few pithy examples. I wanted more, but I was also happy that Chuck gained the dysfunctional family he deserves.

I wasn't too impressed with this new Shakespeare teacher, Rachel Carr. She looked younger than Serena in her opening scene! She may have dished it back to Blair, but there's no way she can win that battle.  (Side note: Was it me or was Blair being a bit too dramatic about the Yale thing?) Let's save that anticipation for Georgina because you know she'll have a bone to pick with B. The battle for Lonely Boy's heart, however, is questionable. Nate's not the only one who is capable of charming older women.

Time for your thoughts. What did you think about Lily adopting Chuck? Will Rachel come between Dan and Serena?


-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: The CW