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'Gossip Girl': A kick in the Bass

January 13, 2009 |  7:57 am

Gg_chuckblairjack Last night's episode of "Gossip Girl" was like a goodie bag filled with betrayal, intrigue, treachery and heartbreak. On this show, these are the gifts that keep on giving.

It started with the expected: Chuck was in line to inherit a billion-dollar fortune upon Bart's death. The reading of Bart's will also revealed something unexpected: that the elder Bass actually did trust and believe in his son enough to leave him the majority share of Bass Industries. Of course, this doesn't bode well with scheming Uncle Jack, who toiled in the Outback for years only to find out he'd be usurped by his teenage nephew come succession time. It's all so Shakespearean — if Chuck starts to see his father's ghost roaming through the Palace Hotel, I'm switching channels.

Jack Bass clearly can't be trusted — he is, after all, a Bass. He already shares a seedy secret with Blair and knows Chuck's weaknesses (booze, blow and babes, if you've been watching with your eyes closed) well enough to use against him. He's basically Georgina Sparks in a suit! Chuck is in for more rude awakenings, especially now that Blair has released her supportive grip. As sad as that elevator scene was, the look on B's face was resignation and disappointment, not anger or spite. She may say she's done, but she knows her bond with Chuck is too strong to keep them apart for too long. I have faith she'll be there to help him with Jack's inevitable take-down.

When I wasn't clenching my teeth over Jack Bass, I was OMG-ing over the Baby Van Der Humphrey story. Something as juicy as a Lily-and-Rufus love child could not possibly end with him drowning in a rip tide — that big reveal is too season-finale worthy. In the meantime, we'll have to wrap our heads around the concept of a father-son pair dating a mother-daughter pair. How is that going to work? Don't you love how Rufus and Lily each have a blond child and a brunette child?

I was also struck by how vicious the Mean Girls were in this episode. Nelly Yuki, how dare you! But as dirty as they play, Penelope's leadership doesn't come close to Blair's. I doubt they'll serve as anything more than the school's well-dressed bullies. Gossip Girl also had more of an active role last night. She's been a passive observer lately, so it was appropriate that she'd come back full force in an episode clearly dedicated to high drama.

Time for your thoughts. Will Chuck have what it takes to redeem himself and defeat Uncle Jack? How do you feel about the Rufus-Lily-Dan-Serena conundrum?


—Enid Portuguez

Photo credit: The CW