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Fox News' Brit Hume and Chris Wallace praise Bush for protecting country

As President Bush descended the Capitol steps to take his place at the Obama inauguration, Fox News co-anchors Chris Wallace and Brit Hume made a case for the greatness of the 43rd president, who's leaving office with record-low approval ratings.

"Historians will be saying it now and for a long time," Wallace said. "He took care of Job One, which was to protect the country. And who among us on Sept. 12, 2001, would have thought that we could say that the homeland has not been attacked since." 

Hume agreed. "That this country would pass into a new presidency eight years later with not a single attack? i certainly didn't believe that. I woke up every morning for six months wondering whether we'd been attacked again."

And that is why, Hume said, it is too early to pass judgment on the last eight years. "We may not be able to judge the magnanimity of that — or, uh, the enormity of that — for some time. Because a lot of what happened, a lot of things that got taken care of behind the scenes, cannot be made known. They're classified, they're secret operations. ... So it will be very hard to judge this presidency until all is known about what was going on behind the scenes here and abroad."

— Scott Collins 

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Really? He's kept us safe? Why not look at it with this point of view that we were attacked under his presidency, not under Clinton. And where are the WMds that our troops are literally dying to find in Iraq? Where's Osama who was apparently hiding under Saddam's throne? He is a failure and a shame to our nation.

Your kidding me right? Every president since Regan had been attacked by a terrorist, including Clinton! The twin towers had been bombed previously and so has the Pentagon! Read up on some facts! Each president, Regan, Bush Sr., and Clinton all treated attacks as police matters, meaning we lawyered them up and didn't give a second thought to it. G.W. Bush was the ONLY president who wouldn't stand for senseless killing of Americans. I'm PROUD of Bush, I'm PROUD no more Americans have been attacked in our homeland.

Just wait until Obama gets attacked, more than once I'm willing to bet, and you'll be singing a different tune. (Of course the stupidest of people will be blaming Bush for any future attacks..)


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