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Breaking: FCC reviewing NBC's Golden Globes telecast

After receiving multiple complaints about NBC's Sunday telecast of the Golden Globes, the FCC said Wednesday that it is reviewing the program for possible violations of indecency rules.

Toward the end of the program, director Darren Aronofsky was caught on camera jokingly making an obscene gesture -- "flipping the bird," as it's commonly called -- at actor Mickey Rourke, who was onstage accepting an acting award for Aronofsky's film "The Wrestler." Rourke and other attendees also salted their speeches with occasional off-color language, some of which was bleeped by NBC censors.

Now the FCC, which regulates decency issues on the broadcast networks, has stepped into the fray. "We received 18 complaints about the Golden Globes telecast," FCC spokeswoman Edie Herman wrote in an e-mail to The Times, "and the commission is reviewing the matter." 

An NBC spokeswoman confirmed that it aired the Aronofsky gesture on the live telecast. "On the West Coast, it went to black for two seconds," the spokeswoman e-mailed. "Beyond that, we have no further comment."

Aronofsky's publicist, Karen Samfilippo, said earlier this week that she had not heard anything from NBC about the matter.

The FCC has a mixed record with decency enforcement. The agency fined CBS $500,000 for airing Janet Jackson's notorious "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl. But a court overturned the fine last year.

-- Scott Collins


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One word people -- class. This country seems to have lost that concept. No words are spoken or gestures given in today's time that haven't been spoken or given for many decades past. The difference is we, as a society, have accepted a lower bar as normal. For any decent person, parent or not, any time the bar is lowered, we are lowered ourselves. I say it's time to raise the bar!

What a crock of $%*&, thoe stupid &*#*^#%$!@#'s should #%$^ up their &*^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are kidding. 18 people complained out of the 20-25 million that watched it, and an investigation that will cost thousands of dollars as to why a gesture was made. Wow! I think we need to take some of the funds these people have and move it over to help with the more tougher crimes out there - drugs, theft, murders...

What are the golden globe awards? Is this an Al Gore show for largest carbon-emitting houseboat contest?

I watched 24, a fantastic program which had me on the edge of my seat. Who wants to see script readers patting themselves on the back every two months or so with these so-called award shows while the backbone of this country get on with their jobs with little or no recognition.

I've had enough of these entertainment (?) fools. I finally realized there's nothing I find entertaining on television or anything else that comes out of Hollywood any more and canceled the cable connection. No more loud overbearing annoying characters that I wouldn't let step foot through the front door.

As has been said, the "new morality" is neither new nor moral.

When the bar is lowered, decency is redefined in a way that suggests there is no such thing as indecency.

I'm a big believer, not only in standards and practices, but also in voluntary compliance. Voluntary compliance was absent at the 2009 Golden Globes.

A reprimand would fall on deaf ears, so if a FCC fine is the only way to get an enabler's attention...

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor
Stacy's Music Row Report

Can we sue the PMRC for something on civil grounds? I am sure that there is a case for barratry somewhere in their practices.

Re the following snide remark:


Believe me, Rat, I grew up a long time ago!

Jeff -- the humble, retired Green Beret

Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of surgically-altered, overpaid, narcissistic, drug-addled adolescents stroke eachother?

18? What is that...1/1,000,000 of the audience? Many actors/industry folk are emotionally, children; why does an occasional misstep raise concern?

I think these matters should be reported without delay and pursued until the last decision is made.

It is a good way to keep our minds off of important matters and, therefore, we worry less. After all, this whole thing is as entertaining as the dickens.

18 people? some people need to get a life. Lets use our brains. If you are watching this event than you most likely enjoy the world of Hollywood and therefore you know that the BS that goes on the world of stars isn't exactly family friendly. Losers.

rAT, you crazy thing! The moral majority forcing THEIR morals on YOU! You don't have any morals. One person got prayer taken out of school, and you're happy that your kid isn't FORCED to pray (God forbid!) or even take a few moments of silence to collect himself (no one has to know he ISN'T praying!) So much for YOUR morals.

But it's certainly okay for Hollywood to be obscene AND offensive and flip the bird, FORCING YOUR offensive immorality on MY kids??? You can keep your "bird" in your paranoid home where it belongs. And while your at it, you might as well keep your pontifications on TOLERANCE to yourself (as you obviously aren't forcing such a superstitious, offensive immorality on your child in your home!). You have every right to be as paranoid, offensive, and immoral as you want, but don't force it on MY kids (or me, for that matter).

You have no moral compass. Your excuse is that there is no God. How convenient. No God, no accountability. Your brand of tolerance only applies to those who disagree with with your obnoxious, offensive, and irresponsible ideas. Your idea of reality is warped, not to mention out of whack and incorrect. Trust me.

Did anyone have issues with the numerous cocaine references made by various stars throughout the night. Just what we need impressionable teens hearing. I am far less concerned about flipping "the bird."

I only watched the last 10 mins.......I don't care about hollyweird. I loved Micky, good for him and I dont care that the guy gave the finger.......whatever. I love Micky even better when he came out of the hollywood closet and said he didnt blame Bush for everything.....good for the MIC. I hope he wins the Oscar. love ya Micky

I didn't even know that this show was even aired????? More less who the actors are that they where talking about.

The middle finger is worthy of complaints to the FCC but all the CSIs and other torture porn shows are on nightly.

You mean 18 people watched the Golden Globes? --Aw...c'mon I don't believe it!

I am surprised that 18 people watched that crap on T.V.

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