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Breaking: FCC reviewing NBC's Golden Globes telecast

After receiving multiple complaints about NBC's Sunday telecast of the Golden Globes, the FCC said Wednesday that it is reviewing the program for possible violations of indecency rules.

Toward the end of the program, director Darren Aronofsky was caught on camera jokingly making an obscene gesture -- "flipping the bird," as it's commonly called -- at actor Mickey Rourke, who was onstage accepting an acting award for Aronofsky's film "The Wrestler." Rourke and other attendees also salted their speeches with occasional off-color language, some of which was bleeped by NBC censors.

Now the FCC, which regulates decency issues on the broadcast networks, has stepped into the fray. "We received 18 complaints about the Golden Globes telecast," FCC spokeswoman Edie Herman wrote in an e-mail to The Times, "and the commission is reviewing the matter." 

An NBC spokeswoman confirmed that it aired the Aronofsky gesture on the live telecast. "On the West Coast, it went to black for two seconds," the spokeswoman e-mailed. "Beyond that, we have no further comment."

Aronofsky's publicist, Karen Samfilippo, said earlier this week that she had not heard anything from NBC about the matter.

The FCC has a mixed record with decency enforcement. The agency fined CBS $500,000 for airing Janet Jackson's notorious "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl. But a court overturned the fine last year.

-- Scott Collins


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The American-absurdity continues. As another already noted, 18 people, EIGHTEEN E`FFN PEOPLE, is that all it takes to move the FCC?

Be-loving-Jesus, what would happen if 20 complained that the media was paying too much attention to a certain African-American politician? Would censorship of news coverage then be sanctioned?


is this not america soldiers geting killed in Iraq and we are worried about this

yeah i do think it is worth it to investigate. It only takes one of anything to start something.. Good grief if you have not realized that your an idiot.

I guess this is the Feds inserting their OWN Economic Stimulus Package. Lets get some people out of the office and into the "control room" to look at tape for a few hours.
#1 Oscar- Wasn't he on the Odd Couple ???
#2-FCC...... Ammmm, who???
#3-To the 18 who complained-I guess you are better than thou!!!!!
And finally #4- WHY am I even commenting on this!! WHO CARES

"Remember: it only took ONE to get prayer yanked from Anerica's schools!"

PS: learn to spell 'America'!


Oh my God, a finger! Oh my God!!!!!

It amazes me that a group of semi-illiterate people who couldn’t otherwise hold a meaningful job give a party each year to clap each other on the back and people actually waste their time watching it.

Those of you who claim to HATE these award shows / Hollywood et al are a bunch of hypocrits. One shows their indifference by ignoring these things. Obviously there's something else going on with you to allow celebrity fluff to tweak you so intensely. You're not kidding anyone.

I might be wrong but I believe when they say 18 complaints in this context, they mean 18 seperate incidents worthy of being complained about. It could have been several people bringing up the same 18 complaints.

Get a grip. Get a life. Get a dog. Get a clue. We only have what 300 channels of mostly crap? If you don't like the crap on one channel, change to something else or turn the set off. All these things should be on a seven second delay in the first place.

Good thing Obama has a Unlisted Phone Number...they couldn't track those Calls from him!

You mean to tell me all 18 people who watched that garbage complained?

If the FCC worried a bit more about the perils of media consolidation and a little less about these 18 misguided people- well, we'd still have a functional LA Times amongst other things!

We have 4 kids. Our youngest now is 18. So I'm done with worrying about this stuff until our kids have kids. But my heart breaks for families who are trying to let their kids have any kind of childhood. My suggestion would be to unsubscribe to cable, and get a dish or something where you can block everything but Sesame Street, etc. None of this trash is worth it. Our kids schools (private) have done study after study and have found the kids who watch one hour per day are light years ahead of the typical American kid. I was skeptical early on, but now after seeing how our kids are doing compared to others, they were 100% correct. Turn off the TV. My husband, our son and I watch occassional sports, and movies we choose to rent. I don't miss it one bit!

Someone wrote:

18 whole complaints & taxpayer $$$ will be wasted on an investigation? Don't like what's on, change the channel, turn it off, or move to CUBA or the communist nation of your choosing where everything is nice & sanitized for the brainwashed masses! PC = BS!

Have you paid attention to the world? It only takes one atheist to complain that someone mentioned God at a high school football game or that crosses on veteran's graves are showing to get an expensive investigation going.

Big Dog

What many don't realize is that those 18 persons complaining were 80% of the viewers....

EIGHTEEN COMPLAINTS? 18 COMPLAINTS? Out millions of viewers and hundreds of affiliates airing the globes, the FCC got 18 complaints. Seriously, the FCC and the American viewing public need to LIGHTEN UP.

My mate and I (a woman) watched the the awards show wondering why any network would bother to boardcast it. We were pleased to learn that HBO's Sam Adams was greatly accepted by a bunch of self serving in greats. We also noticed that Generation Kill slipped by totally unnoticed. I assumed positive image of American soldier offended them. The bar for these folks is set so low that only snakes and insects make this cut. The idea that I could care what any group of journalists think makes my skin crawl.

What a sad little nation we are to worry about something this insignificant.

Maybe it was only 18 people who registered complaints - but that probably made up 50% of the viewing audience

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