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'Battlestar Galactica': Did you know SHE was the Cylon?

Deanna3_kd0eudncThe misdirection on "Battlestar Galactica" was probably all in our minds when it came to who the final Cylon was.  Deanna (Lucy Lawless) was the only one who knew for sure.  Well, she and Ron Moore, who had some interesting things to say about the developments on this"Sometimes a Great Notion" episode over at Chicago Tribune's The Watcher column.

Maybe the Cylon was Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell).  The cancer eating away at her could've been some sort of clue.  Many likely took it as a sign. "... And the Lord annointed a leader to guide a caravan of the heavens towards Earth."  Nope.

For Kara "Starbuck" Thrace (Katee Sackhoff), it was all too obvious.  Supposedly blown up, then comes back to life unscathed.  Has weird visions, can 'feel' her way toward Earth and just got increasingly scatter-brained as the season went on.  But not her.

Gaius Baltar (James Callis) saw a Cylon who wasn't there.  All the time! Talked to her, interacted and even fantasized about sex with her. But he's just crazy.

Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos).  That would be crushing. Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber).  How? Helo (Tahmoh Penikett). Heck no. Doc Cottle (Donnelly Rhodes)? Hmmm.

Dee? Anastasia Dualla (Kandyse McClure).  That was my choice.  Communications officer, always close to the main power (Adama) in crisis situations, even married Lil' Adama, Lee.  And the episode didn't let me down ... until the end.  We'll talk more about her later.  SPOILER AHEAD!!!

Ellen3_kdjetmncBy now you know that it is Ellen Tigh (Kate Vernon), Saul's wife, whom he murdered, who is the final Cylon (It was revealed as soon as allowed and the Times got an exclusive with Kate).  She was probably in someone's equations, but if they were going to bring back someone dead, Callie and Admiral Cain came to mind first.  Regardless, seems like a great move.  Will she return scorned at having been poisoned by her husband, or angry at the Cylon captors that she bedded to get Tigh back, or just plain upset that she didn't know (maybe she did!)?  Who knows what kind of havoc she could wreak, or what could happen when the final five are all together for the first time.

Great stuff to look forward to, and a good episode that unveiled when the Earth died (nuked about 2,000 years ago, says Baltar) and, through the Cylons, how it was when the bombs dropped.  Chief Tyrol was in a market and was flash fried, Anders was most likely playing his guitar when the bomb hit. And Saul, in the aftermath, was busy trying to save his Cylon wife.

The psychological impact of the fleet NOT finding Earth was evident. Fights in the hall, 'Frak Earth' painted on the ship's walls, Bill Adama stumbling around drunk with a loaded weapon, and Dee.

Ah, Dee.  Pretty actress Kandyse.  We were rooting for Dee.  She'd lost Lee and lost Earth, clearly the most shaken that we saw by the devastation found.  Frakking writers got our hopes up for her getting better and taking more of a role as her date with Lee seemed to go really well.  Felix Gaeta said that she was glowing.  Stop here.  All signs point to Cylon.  The looks of secrecy -- she was hiding something.  The anticipation we all felt for the reveal, then (now resume) BAM.  Brains in her locker.  Not suicide ... not Dee.  39,650, and Kandyse had some words about her departure.

Why'd she do it?  "I don't frakking know," said Bill Adama, drunk.  Me neither.  At that point, I still thought it was Dee.  Resurrection's coming!  But it never came, and someone else took the fifth Cylon title.

Katevernon2_kdjojtnc_2What do we have to look forward to?  Revelations include who or what is Starbuck and what actually happened to cause the war on Earth?  Also, now that the final five are intact, what do they actually do?  There are still reactions galore to take into account as well.  How will Galactica and the fleet continue to react to the Earth debacle?  Can they, and Laura Roslin, pick up the pieces and carry on?  How will they unveil Ellen Tigh to everyone, including Saul?

The actors have told us their favorite momentsFans and publications like Variety have written about the impact of the show.  Now, we watch.  It's a roller coaster, and our hands should be up just enjoying the ride.

-- Jevon Phillips

Top photos: Carole Segal /SCI FI. Bottom photo: Randee St. Nicholas.

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This is the third time in the past month that Show Tracker has had MAJOR spoilers in the first lines of a recap, which means it shows up in the summary line on most RSS readers. I'm not really a hardcore anti-spoiler person, but any chance you guys could start putting such huge info a few sentences down in the reviews, so that those of us scrolling through Google Reader will have to click-through to read instead of having them right there when we update the feed? Thanks!

If you remember during the last season; Deanna said 4 of the 5 are with the fleet. Sort of made something like this outcome inevitable. However, my bet was on Admiral Cain.

forgot to mention in terms of the revelations that the bones found on earth were all cylon as well as the new cylon centurion head. so if earth humans are cylon then what are colonial humans? Ellen Tigh as the final cylon has only grown on me, it's far more interesting than I initially though. Dee's suicide was a really poignant moment for the show. Amazing episode, second only to the hub for this season.

That was a great show last night. I love the fact that Ellen is the final Cylon, I had no idea. Too bad about Dee, I always liked her character. Of course there are other characters I liked who died as well over the course of the series. Kara finding her body is a big mystery. As for Earth was it really Earth? After all it was a civlization of Cylons. Maybe it was another planet the Cylons called Earth. If it wasn't did Cylons wipe out the humans on Earth? How are the colonials related to Earth? They believe their came from Kobol. But maybe their ancestors actually came from Earth. Ronald Moore, David Eick, and the writers will probably will continue to surprise us in the last nine episodes.

I think there are a lot more cylons to be revealed. I think she killed herself because she found out she was cylon when she touched the game pieces on the planet.

After watching this episode (urrg, Dee... nooooo!) I have a new conspiracy theory regarding the "final" Cylon. We are ALL Cylons.

Think about it. Obviously the technology to build human-looking Cylons has existed for at least 2000 years, so who's to say the 13th tribe of Cylons wasn't actually the FIRST tribe who colonized the others? If the irony of all ironies turns out to be that every man, woman and child in the fleet was a Cylon, the message would be pretty clear and in keeping with the standard BSG pseudo-soapbox flair: white, black, yellow or brown, we are ALL Cylon. And in that, we are all human.

Saul's memories of his previous life on Earth made him certain that he and Ellen had both lived on earth before the nukes went off 2000 years ago. Although I was surprised that Ellen Tigh was revealed in this way to be the Fifth (cyclon?), I'm intrigued by what this implies for the Final Five; I think that it may be possible for a version of Ellen to actually come back in upcoming episodes. Here's why.

In season 3, Starbuck was teleported through a hurricane-like vortex in the atmosphere of one planet, to reappear above Earth, only to crash land and be killed (as we now know). In the episode where she sees Earth, there is a unidentified spacecraft near Earth, somewhat similar to a cylon basestar. I believe that this "basestar" is actually a spacecraft of the survivors of the nuclear war 2000 years previous, and that these survivors are the "cylons" of Earth, identical in lineage to the skeletal remains found on the war-ravaged Earth, and 2000 years more advanced technologically than the rest of the Colonies. The Final Five are of this Earth "cylon" stock, and Starbuck is a Sixth. She was resurrected by the Earth "cyclons" and sent back, with a fully functioning replica Viper. If Starbuck can be resurrected in this way, then perhaps any other of the Five (and Starbuck) can also be, (but not with any technology that the other Colonies cyclons have - they are incompatible). However, I think if the body of Ellen Tigh is resurrected then she would be the resurrection of the "Ellen" 2000 years ago, not the Ellen Tigh aboard the Galactica.

A remarkable episode, worth the wait. Impressive creativity on the part of all those involved. Very dark and emotional - Dee's suicide, the "FRAK EARTH" graffitti, Roslyn's book burning, etc., etc. Was that truly Earth? I'm still not convinced. And the flashbacks, particularly Chief's and Saul's, and Starbuck screaming "who am I?!" and burning her corpse on a pyre. TV at its finest. Truly looking forward to the final episodes.

Its obvious that Starbuck crashed and died and was ressurected in the common way Cylons are. Remember, this occurred prior to the resurrection ship being destroyed. No need for other ways to resurrect her.

The same goes for the other cylons. The hint is that possibly the last 5 Cylons were originally from earth and who knows how many times they have been ressurected over 2,000 years or more. Some remember being on earth at the time it was blown up. So my take is that it was the disaster on earth that caused them to leave for Caprica, where the 13 tribes settled- etc..

So not they are back full circle? Seems that is the best way to understand what has happened. It appears cylons were part of earth and transplanted to Caprica. Still some missing info, however.

It will be interesting to see how these missing pieces of info get filled in future episodes.

Anyone else having problems reading this entry? Cuts off the right margin?? anyone?

I think i understand.... all the 5 originals and the poulation of earth are a type of Cylon... descended from Humans. Think about immortality, you can transfer your being into a created body (cylon).
These earth cylons have a war where only the 5 survived to continue (are able to be rejuvenated). The rest of the current galactica human race are the same type of being without being able to be rejuventated,
which is what the current day cylons have also decided by destroying their regeneration ship

Brilliant show - well written and redeems much of what went on in the first half of season 4. Perfect ending for Dee and though I initially balked at Ellen when I heard the rumor floating around it was actually a good choice.

How terrible this is , I am in England & was to be watching the first episode in about 5 hours for the first time! now it is spoilt.

Dear LA Times web team: Please re-post this article and remember your word wrap this time. The right margin cuts off many sentences to the point where one's imagination can't possibly fill in the missing words.

So the inhabitants of earth were all cylon? I think id be willing to bet that all 13 tribes were cylon all along too. That would explain the construction of vaguely similar centurion models through the ages. It would explain baltars visions. It would explain starbucks return... but the return of her viper too would suggest an intelligence at play as well. The final five that have orchestrated events all along? The present day cylons are having trouble creating more than 7 models of cylon cyborg.. is this why they were so desperate to get their hands on the cylon child? Im hoping this is near the mark because ive got a feeling everyones going to die.... but then again, everyones going to live ..... elsewhere. If there was one giant ressurection device big enough to transplant an entire race then maybe another one was built before it stopped working?

To those complaing about the cut off margins. View the page with IE it's been formatted for that not Firefox.

Okay so --- all of this has happen before and all of this will happen again. On Cobol man created Cylon. There was a war between man and Cylon, Cobol was destroyed. The 12 tribes or man, and the 13th tribe of Cylon went their separate ways. Man towards the colonies, and Cyclon towards the earth. Except sneaky, man found the Cyclon’s and nuked the hell out of them on earth -- some 2000 years ago. Before that happened the final five had figured out resurrection technology. They found the colonies and sowed the seeds that lead to the reinvention of the cyclones. The first Cylon War and human exodus from the colonies towards earth - where man will learn first hand that they were the cause of their destruction.
All of this has happened before all of this will happen again. Maybe man will come to terms with the blood on his hands and find peace in the land of milk and honey.
Chur bro


I think they are all cylons but different models of the ones they were fighting. It explains alot most everything realy except for the cylon test that they have made. There is a explanation for it though. The test they created was for the cyclons they were currently at war with and not for different models as i think they all are. They tested Kara when she came back and the test was negative but if she wasnt a cylon she wouldnt have been able to come back so that means the test doesnt work for that type of cylon.


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