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Alone among networks, Fox News gives Bush homecoming cheer

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and other Bush administration officials sometimes let it be known that they stuck with Fox News for their informational needs. And on Tuesday, Fox News returned the favor, even as the rest of Washington remained gripped by Obama fever. 

Late Tuesday afternoon, Fox News was the only major national TV outlet that carried a live telecast of former President Bush's homecoming speech to cheering supporters in Midland, Texas.

"Sometimes what I did wasn't popular," a smiling Bush told the crowd. "But that's OK. I always did what I thought was right."

The rest of the networks, however, did not see the Bush address as news fit to broadcast. At 6:40 p.m. EST, MSNBC was in the middle of "Hardball," with host Chris Matthews and guests batting around the meaning of Obama's swearing-in. CNN was carrying live ongoing coverage of the final moments of the inaugural parade, with the Obamas beaming from the White House reviewing stand.

The broadcast networks likewise did not cover the Bush speech. At least in Los Angeles, both KCBS-Channel 2 and KNBC-Channel 4 had returned to regular syndicated programming ("Judge Judy" and "Deal or No Deal"). KABC-Channel 7 was airing local news.

-Scott Collins 

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At 12 noon bush stopped being the story, no one cares what he does or says.
He is no longer 'news' and since he has the lowest approval ratings of any President he will never be news again.
No one will seek him out for advice, they never have, and no reporters will ever ask him for his reaction to any event.

The has left huge dark stain on the nation, a stain that will take decades to fade. For 8 years he redefined what America was, and his definition was not good, not moral, and in no way right.

He is now gone, the nation and the world can breath once more and begin to repair the damage of the last 8 years of bush and the last 12 years of republican/neocon malfeasance and crime.

The very sad thing about this is that now, when liberals will want respect for their president, they are doing everything to ensure that the other HALF of the nation will act as badly as they have for the past 8 years. I'd like to give Obama the chance to live up to the ridiculously overblown expectations that have been engendered by the liberal press that elected him. Yet every time I turn around I see the president I voted for being treated shamefully. Same reason the liberal press is rapidly being forced out of business: the rest of us are really tired of getting a sharp stick in the eye every time we open a newspaper or try to listen to network news.
So, folks, don't be too surprised if Obama gets the same respect from many of us that has been afforded to President Bush.
What a shame that these vicious, vitriolic jerks are working full-time to ensure that we remain so divided. And making it so much harder for the new administration to accomplish its goals.

This is no surprise. The mainstream media helped get Obama elected (just ask HIllary); they are in love with this guy, who has still really never led anything in his life. And to you libs that think FOX is so biased, independent media studies have shown that network to be more fair and objective than CNN or MSNBC or the major broadcast networks. FOX employs more reporters from across the political spectrum than any other network. At MSNBC all we get is straight left wing drivel. Bush is bad, and everything Democrat is good. It is similar at CNN, where they never fail to get in a dig at Republicans. Dan Rather was caught using phony documents in an attempt to undermine Bush just weeks before an election. Several experts told him in advance the documents were forgeries. He was so eager to stick it to a Republican president he could not resist. Give me an example of where anybody in the press used phony documents to try to unseat a Democrat--any Democrat. Even now, we have a Democrat governor in Illinois who had a U.S. Senate seat for sale to the highest bidder, and that gentleman is still in office and has actually appointed someone to that senate seat!! If this were a Republican governor, the media firestorm that would have resulted would have forced the guy to step down.

With that said, I want to thank President Bush for his eight years of service. He had to goven in the most difficult of times, most of which were well beyond his control (despite what some ignorant fools believe). Bush did not cause Katrina and was not at fault for the inadequate response of the local Democrats who ran that city and state. He was rebuffed when he did try to help. Bush did not cause the Enron and World Com scandals, that flourished under Clinton, but he had to deal with the aftermath. Bush did not cause the attacks of 9/11, but was forced into dealing with them and then had to re-engineer his entire presidency such that something like that did not happen again. Bush did not cuase this economic crisis we are in now. That was aided by Democrat policies, which insisted that poor people need to be able to buy homes they cannot afford. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are Democrat boondoggles that grew too big. Dems would not kill the golden goose, because they were being fed eggs from that bird. Only the ignorant think Bush was the cuase of this mess. Of course, with the help of the left wing media, ignorance is our biggest commodity right now.

The fact that no other mainstream media outlets were there is yet another example of how biased and pathetic the general media has become. Fox News is the only news outlet that still adheres to journalistic integrity. Are the primetime ***commentary*** shows right leaning? Sure. But even those are balanced by opposing opinions.

To all the liberals above who posted above with such insightful comments as "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH Of course. Fox stands alone in it's support of the War Criminal", this just proves your small mindedness. You might not have agreed with the Bush policies of the last 8 years, but he was nonetheless the President and deserves the respect that comes with the office and his last speech as he leaves IS a newsworthy event. I find it amazing the grace with which Republicans have conducted themselves in accepting Obama's election to President especially compared to the childish ravings of the loons over at Kos or Huffington post - and those above. You should all be ashamed.

The media will keep our country divided and what I saw yesterday with the booing, defacing and down right hatred by the left will never bring us together. Hateful people you are.

Thanks President Bush. Everytime I board a plane or my children board a plane I give thanks for the courage you've demonstrated.

One poster said there were 30,000 people in Midland. Well, there were nearly 2 million in Washington. Bush left office with a 22% approval rating. Obama enteres office with an 83% approval rating and the votes of over 66 million people. Bush's little homecoming can be covered on the 21st or thereafter. As a journalism major myself, I would have made the same call as the majority of networks.

A homecoming speech is really more of a quiet moment, and maybe better not placed on national TV. However, it should be noted that in 2001, the networks gave a great deal of attention (some would see it as an inordinate amount of attention) to a party Bill Clinton held at the hangar at Andrews Air Force Base.

On Innauguration Day, one President steps off the stage, and attention is focused on the new President. So what I'm more critical of was the coverage of the Clintons' hours-long going away party. The networks have kind of tipped their hand by covering the Clinton event in 2001, but not the Bush speech in 2009.

Thank you Susan...your comments match mine exactly.
With great respect and thankfullness to the dignity and strength of GW Bush.
I felt the loss of a great friend when Pres. Bush left the White House.
George Bush is a dignified and respectable statesman who did his job and did it well.

G-d bless you George and Laura Bush and may you live out your days in peace and happiness.

RE: Mark | January 20, 2009 at 10:39 PM and his statement: When Obama completely bankrupts this country in 4 year we will come to appreciate what you did for us.

Ummm, perhaps you should be named Rip Van Winkle because obviously you've been asleep...The country is completely bankrupt *now*. Your buddy George Bush did it, pretty much entirely under *his* watch.

Obama can't do anything but rise the economy because George "Asleep at the Wheel" Bush has left nothing of value behind. Not the Financial industry, not the Auto Industry, not Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate...nothing.

Tell your buddy Bush we already *Appreciate* what he's done for us but please stay in Midland TX and his hands off the American throttle, the car is already wrecked and we're waiting for the tow truck.

Of course the channel that enabled the Liar-in-Chief would cover his first attempt at re-writing history.

Did anybody cover VP Cheney's return to the rock from which he crawled out 8 years ago?

The only speech given on that day that was good was the one given in Texas.

If I hear one more time how Bush damaged US standing in the world Im gonna puke. In almost every country in the world, several times a week you will see an endless line outside the US Consulate. Those people are waiting to apply for visas to the US. The main complaint in South America about the US is that we dont approve everyone for a visa.
Foreign Relations is not a popuarity contest, its a competition of national interests.
Liberals dont have a clue how the world works. They are victims of the damage they themselves inflicted on publc schools.

During the transition from Clinton, to Bush, all day long, on the right side of the screen was the departing of President Clinton, shaking hands talking to the folks that he worked with, then his chopper ride...etc hours... I watched it, while President Bush was the New President on the left of the screen, and that was on all three networks. This was indeed history making yesterday, there is no doubt; but the way the media has treated President Bush, is shameful, and the nastiness even on these postings floor me..... Ive been around for a few of the presidents, and I can remind you all of a few things that the previous men have done that is far far worse than anything, and i mean anything that President Bush has done. Your remarks that drone on and on about how you hate him, or cant stand him, or even when you wish him harm, sickens me....The media, well you will get yours.....as to your ratings, you can see that its not working for you. You might have helped sway a nation by your biased reporting, but you know that old saying "what goes around, comes around": well its true

The hatred needs to go "children". Journalism is close to dead. I believe it was Mike or Matt who pointed out the statistics of the fairness of coverage of the election by Fox vs. much of the media. Yes! Try looking at the news shows(not the late evening commentator type of shows) with open minds and you might get some information you do not receive in other places. Try Chris Wallace on Sunday Morning.

Totally inappropriate not to cover a fomer President's homecoming. It was news whether you like him or not.

It is good and fine to disagree with one another's views including a President's views, but what is rather scary is the tendency in some to be filled with so much hate that they can only name call and disrespect everyone who disagrees with them. I did not see that in Pres. Bush nor do I see that in Pres. Obama but I do see that in many of Pres. Obama's "followers" in this comments page. Please remember that nearly 90% of the national media is liberal. We all see things through our own screens. They see things through their liberal screen. They also do have a herd mentality which has been demonstrated by some of the comments here.

It is helpful to try and look at all of the news channels at times and to read more than one newspaper. It is very helpful to try and find the truth which will mean some digging around. Listen to more than NPR but do listen to NPR but also listen to other stations. That will mean effort and that will mean trying to understand the other's point of view. We ALL (including me) need to be seekers of the facts.

By the way, did you know that way over 600 world scientists including a Nobel Physics prize winner have signed a statement disputing the causes of global warming? Did you know that many scientists in Russia are saying we are going into an Ice Age? I am not asking whether you agree with them. I am asking did you know this and if you didn't why not? Why shouldn't this be news? Did you know that some of the present models used to determine global warming have not used appropriate measuring devices? Did you know that they haven't gone back furthur than 1000 years in their statistics? Do you know the effect sunspots have on the world's climates? Did you ever hear about this? I am adding this to the discussion to hopefully pique your curiosity about the information we receive and why news organizations consider somethings news and somethings not news.

Appreicate the opportunity to share. If some of you were in charge, someone like me would never be allowed to talk again. God help us all.

It doesn't matter whether you love or hate GW Bush. The fact remains he was a president of this country and deserves the respect the office commands. The media entirely lost that point... except for Fox. Congratulations to them. The rest of the media engineered their own demise in this past election cycle. I can see biased rags like NY Times, and others loosing readership, ad dollars and eventually becoming obsolete like the 8 track. And this is one example of how they did it to themselves.

President Obama deserved the accolades and coverage. It was his day and I commend Former President Bush the way he handled the transition. But that is no excuse for the idiots I read above to continue to bash Bush. Get over it. Respect the individual for his service and move forward. Naturally it will NEVER happen, but respect is an attribute that more Americans should aspire to.

That's not the half of it. Bush was booed and was heckled as his helicopter left Washington, D.C. for the last time yesterday. This coming from supposedly open-minded and free-thinking liberals. This president did his best during extremely tough, unprecedented, times. There is hardly any evidence that the alternatives (Gore or Kerry) would have done any better; in fact, there is suficient evidence that these two kooks would have done much worse. Bush does not deserve the treatment of the assembled crowd. He has been gracious, and avoided the fray during his entire time in office. There has been no name-calling from him and he never stooped to the low level of many of his critics. I am ashamed of my fellow citizens for their ignorance and disrespect. So you didn't vote for Bush or like his policies? I didn't vote for Obama and do not like what he stands for either. Does that give me the right to completely disrespect him and his office?

AND THANK YOU woodstock1969:
I could not have said it better:

I love GW Bush, I love the job he did, his humor and wonderful speeches, his faith in what he thought was right...what a man. There is something about him that is very right and I totally miss him already. A great president and a man true to beliefs. Thank you Fox news, thank you Texas, thank you Laura, thank you Mr. Cheney, thank you Ms. Rice, and thank you Mr. GW Bush. A job well done and a true and faithful servant.

Now if only we could get rid of FOX News, Flush Windbag, Sean Vanity & Co., what a great country this would be!

George W. Bush will be remembered as ten times the President Obama ever dreamed of being, nothwithstanding the worship heaped at the feet of Church Obama by the left and the mainstream media.

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