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Alone among networks, Fox News gives Bush homecoming cheer

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and other Bush administration officials sometimes let it be known that they stuck with Fox News for their informational needs. And on Tuesday, Fox News returned the favor, even as the rest of Washington remained gripped by Obama fever. 

Late Tuesday afternoon, Fox News was the only major national TV outlet that carried a live telecast of former President Bush's homecoming speech to cheering supporters in Midland, Texas.

"Sometimes what I did wasn't popular," a smiling Bush told the crowd. "But that's OK. I always did what I thought was right."

The rest of the networks, however, did not see the Bush address as news fit to broadcast. At 6:40 p.m. EST, MSNBC was in the middle of "Hardball," with host Chris Matthews and guests batting around the meaning of Obama's swearing-in. CNN was carrying live ongoing coverage of the final moments of the inaugural parade, with the Obamas beaming from the White House reviewing stand.

The broadcast networks likewise did not cover the Bush speech. At least in Los Angeles, both KCBS-Channel 2 and KNBC-Channel 4 had returned to regular syndicated programming ("Judge Judy" and "Deal or No Deal"). KABC-Channel 7 was airing local news.

-Scott Collins 

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The stupidity of liberals is without question the biggest obstacle standing in the way of anything good happening in the world. Not one liberal/democrat has the ability to see what is good and what is bad. With them it will always be about themselves first and second then about anyone else that can benefit them.

Democrats are weak and shallow people and in all honesty have the least amount of ability to comprehend reality.

I wish Obama high winds and muddy waters through out his presidency. The count down to our first terror attack in 7 years has begun. God pray for us...

James, liberals are pathetic?!! You're the one that voted for Bush -- TWICE!!

After reading most of these post. PLEASE do America a favor. Build a fence around that state of yours to keep the likes of you there. Please stop before you spread. Nuter or spayed. Most of you have no clue what is happening. Keep your state in the higher tax bracket. Play more than we do for drinks in a bottle. Still the more you pay in taxes the more you blame us.

War criminals do not deserve respect. The way his administration treated Democrats does not warrant respect. The way they treated the American people and our money, lives and liberty does not warrant respect. The horrible mess he has left the country in does not warrant respect. He should have been run out of town on a rail. Then arrested.

The reception GWB has had since elected has been a disgrace. The reception Obama got He is not a GOD. Heck Mickey Mouse could be President and the economy will change.

God allows people to make decisions but now the consequences will happen.

I am sure there are some things Obama will do right, I am sure he will have things I don't agree with.

But it sure helps the outlook of the nation and the world when the media does not DAY IN and DAY out outright LIE and distort the truth.

And to the soldier who says the administration lies, well my cousin is in the military also and in intelligence area and he says that GWB dealt with lots more than this nation is aware of and if the nation knew everything he would have and should have been treated a lot differently.


Smartypants said it all.

I'm grateful for President Bush. I didn't see the Homecoming speech, but would have liked to. As for some comments on here... people are so disrespectful. Let us step back and think about what the rest of the world thinks of us totally bashing our president. And we thought Sarkozy was having problems in France! Can we at least show the man some respect?
9/11 happened on his watch, yes, but being president doesn't make you omiscient in everything, sheesh. For instance, no one, no country, knew about the terrorist group in India a few weeks ago until after the fact. We just can't know everything. I wasn't at his morning briefings, so I don't know what was going on or what was and wasn't advised. This was the first threat of terrorism in quite some time, he may have thought there would be more time to come up with a solution. Who knows. It is really, really stupid to BLAME him for it. We should be blaming ourselves for being such a godless country. Think, people--It's not like terrorists picked on us for fun. As for Bush, learning from experience, stepping up investigations and creating Homeland Security made it possible to prevent further mishap.
And thank Bill for helping us into the housing crisis and all that mess, not Bush. I took finance classes in college and learned all about dear Fannie and Freddie. Mr. Clinton, and his greedy lapdogs, created that mess. And greedy and impatient Americans who feel like we deserve things we never earned. Bush tried to fix it and bring it to attention but all the Dems in congress kept pushing him aside. No wonder his last few years in office were rough- he was fighting a losing battle against the Dems in office.
I DO hope Obama can bring some change, but not so much that he re-writes, in effect, the constitution. I understand that some things did need changing in the past- like prohibition and slavery- but it is an incredible document that gives people rights. It reminds us that the people are higher than the government- what Obama wants to do is make government higher than the people, even if he doesn't see it yet. What can the government do for me? Let me have my rights, and get out of my way! We are a mature nation- we don't need Washington to hold our hands.
I think it is funny how Liberals demand that republicans and right-wingers consider their opinions and take their side and get hostile when we dont, but they will blanche at the idea of considering a right-minded subject... or airing a right-sided event no matter how small, perhaps. Wow.

To Sailor in Iraq,

Holy Cow man...did you just wet your pants!!! I don't know what things are like in the Navy, but in the Army on the ground Iraq, we supported President Bush!!!

Kind of disheartening to hear a serviceman (even a sailor) whine like a little school girl about doing there JOB!!! Hate to break it to you dude, but you VOLUNTEERED!!!! So quit whining and go do your job or get out!!!!

We will hear the rants of the left for the next 2 decades they will blame any and every problem or miss step on Pres Bush until the entire generation dies off so we should get used to the whining As to Pres Bush he stated he did what he felt was right just as Pres Obama will they are and were our president thats what they do accept that and stop sounding like a spoiled self serving brat.we must get beyond all the name calling.

Although I have criticisms of how Bush handled many things, I think the virulent anti-Bush sentiment says more about what we have become as a people -- bitter, thankless and easily manipulated by a dishonest media -- than it does about anything Bush ever did.

ALL presidents make their fair share of mistakes navigating the demands of the hardest job in the world (think of his predecessor), but Bush showed far more courage than most presidents will ever show and he kept us safe these past years after 9/11.

Obama will too make his mistakes. He is, after all, human.

Why are liberals so mean spirited? The man deserves our respect. Sure he made mistakes like every other president in history. We haven't had terrorist attack since 9/11...let's hope we can say the same for Obama when he leaves office in 4 years.

You liberals are classless cry babies. Get a life!

There is this myth that all media other than Fox is left leaning. That allows the right to paint Fox as " fair and balanced". It's an illusion created from standing too far to one side.If you've ever studied media, it's very clear Fox is anything but fair and balanced. they are barely qualified to be considered news; it's more like propaganda disguised as news. Some are fooled, most others aren't.

Because of the policies of the Clinton Ad, , Bush inherited many problems that were to come. Clintons' Justice Dept, sent a memo that our Security Agencies could not share info. This woman who sent the memo later moved to Fannie/Freddie and received a 17M bonus for a few months work. Because the intelligence could not be shared , we got 9-11. Dodd with the help of Clinton's Treasury Sec Rubin changed the banking regulation. Enron happened. This also resulted in easy credit to unqualified people and let the money people bundle these bad loans and send them on their way. Rubin then went to Citi Bank, received 20M in bonuses every year till he brought it down with his policies. Good old Barney Frank thinks everyone deserves a house, no matter what. With the help of Acorn, Barney and friends looted Fannie/Freddie. Lining their pockets as they go. It took about 10 years for all this to fall apart. In spite of all the problems , in the first 6 years of the Bush Ad. our economy kept growing, unemployment at its lowest in years, new jobs created by business, our taxes low and our country secure. Then in 2006 we got the Dems in control. The bottom fell out. Tarp and the 850B "stimulus " are their new cash cow now. What are the Dems going to do if George is not around to blame. We watched the shady Clinton AD, saw where they trashed the white house when they left, watched the poor treatment Bush got for 8 years, the Dems booing the Bushes at the Inaugural. The Dems lack what the Bush's have... Class. and ehtic.

I would only have an interest in watching Bush if he had been arrested and jailed for crimes against humanity and treason. As far as his rabid supporters, they can have him in Texas for all we care. And fox news will hopefully be shut out as an illegitimate news organization that it is.

the main fault of liberals is that they dont think they have any!

The end of a great country is near. Not because of Bush or Obama, but because we've created a nation of uneducated idiots who have no idea who or why they voted. President Bush was a man of principals...whether you agreed with him or not...he had his principals. How many of you who voted in the last election know what either candidate stood for. God forgive us!!!

Fox News: the only channel to cover all the NEWS! All other channels report OPINIONS! Is it any wonder why most newspapers are going under and other news organizations don't have viewers?

Michael, "worst president ever", obviously you where born after the Carter administration. Jimmy made an apperance at the big event on Tuesday and reminded the public just how big of a wacked out, cool aide drinkin boob he is. He did Presisdent Clinton and Senator Clinton a favor by not acknowledging them and walk away like he is the man. At least President Bush had the stones to stand up for what he believed in and didn't live in a fantasy world.

For all those that call him a criminal and murder, if killing pond scum terrorists and removing radical muslims from the face of the earth is a crime then we need to build more prison because this is what has to be done (trust me President Obama will do the same thing). If you are so passionate for human rights for these people then you should take in some of the terrorist that are going to be release from getmo. Bring them home to your mothers and sisters and see if they approve of this scum. Wake up and understand what kind of wack-o the president has to deal with abroad!!!

Wow, what are the haters going to do now that W isn't Prez anymore? Where will they direct their vitriol? I'm willing to give O a chance, simply because the irrational hatred directed at W the past 8 years; I don't want to be in the same class as those losers.

On talking points memo, Josh Marshall points out that when Clinton left office he also had a farewell rally and Clinton was widely criticized for this. He suggests that the criticism of Clinton was somewhat hypocritical given that the same people don't seem to be so negative about Bush's rally. I disagree with Mr. Marshall on this one, it's not so hipocitical . The big difference is that Clinton was an effective, respected chief executive while Bush was a pathetic loser, hence I think there is some validity in the criticism of Clinton as his rally detracted from the ceremonies of Bush's inauguration. Bush's rally was more like a freak show/sideshow and was not a serious distraction.

I believe being the President of anything is a tough job. The President of the USA is one of the toughest if not the toughest. Enormous mistakes have been made by all our past Presidents. One of the toughest is getting the correct people to plan to shape things up and then execute the plan. We need to vent our criticism and try to find workable solutions and this forum is one small way where people can vent. Since we have a system of Government which allows
us to approach both local, state and federal government officials without fear of being put in harms way we must use that in our venting process also. It seems at times, if not most of the time ineffective. But it is probably the best system on earth. No one promised me a Rose Garden.

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