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Alone among networks, Fox News gives Bush homecoming cheer

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and other Bush administration officials sometimes let it be known that they stuck with Fox News for their informational needs. And on Tuesday, Fox News returned the favor, even as the rest of Washington remained gripped by Obama fever. 

Late Tuesday afternoon, Fox News was the only major national TV outlet that carried a live telecast of former President Bush's homecoming speech to cheering supporters in Midland, Texas.

"Sometimes what I did wasn't popular," a smiling Bush told the crowd. "But that's OK. I always did what I thought was right."

The rest of the networks, however, did not see the Bush address as news fit to broadcast. At 6:40 p.m. EST, MSNBC was in the middle of "Hardball," with host Chris Matthews and guests batting around the meaning of Obama's swearing-in. CNN was carrying live ongoing coverage of the final moments of the inaugural parade, with the Obamas beaming from the White House reviewing stand.

The broadcast networks likewise did not cover the Bush speech. At least in Los Angeles, both KCBS-Channel 2 and KNBC-Channel 4 had returned to regular syndicated programming ("Judge Judy" and "Deal or No Deal"). KABC-Channel 7 was airing local news.

-Scott Collins 

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This is ridiculous. Fox news is the only station that covers news with some semblance of objectivity. It's so sad that some people can't see the blatant left bias of news media. While I applaud this monumental moment in history, I still think people need to think for themselves before drinking the 'kool-aid' that media force feeds them.

Well he did just leave office. Fox News is just appealing to their market. That's why local television played the same crap they always do to appeal to THEIR market.

I was watching on ABC.com and they covered the event - but they didn't stick around for the entire speech. It sure was a good ol' boy yuck fest, which really didn't deserve the attention.

Actually C-Span covered the Bush homecoming as well. Why would the other networks break away from the Inaugural Parade and Balls to cover the ex-president? Only FOX would do that.

Of course, the christening of "The One" was more important to the left-wing networks of MSNBC and CNN. As time went by, the media bias became more and more obvious. Thank you President Bush for standing up against foreign terrorists!

On Wednesday, the "liberal" networks will be covering Obama's meeting with Petraeus, his first staff meeting, and the executive orders he'll be issuing to begin undoing the Bush mess. Fox will be covering W. clearing brush and hosing down the pick up at Crawford.

After 8 years of listening to former president Bush, why on earth should we focus our attention away from this historical and momentous occasion? Maybe most of us are just tired of the Bush administration, even those such as myself who supported him in the past. President Obama brings us new hope and change which this country needs.

I am happy that Fox News covered President Bush's homecoming, but alas, I had switched to MSNBC just to see how they were covering the day's news. I know their bias but I just had an idea to switch channels. President Bush can be proud of his courageous leadership of our country.

Well, I never voted for Bush...but I think there are many who did, supported him before changing their minds and therefore became hypocrites. Don't blame Mr. Bush, blame yourself. No one takes responsibilities for their own actions, but just blame others. Didn't Obama say today to take more responsibility? I think he was referring to us irresponsible Americans, the few hundred million people who voted and supported leaders to run our country into what it is today.

i dont like bush much, but this just underscores such a lack of objectivity in the media, this is very troubling to me. everybody is in such an orgasmic rush to obama and the most of the media acts just like everybody else here. i thought that the press was supposed to be "professional" meaning that they shoul d be up lifting the public interest above personal biases - as doctors and lawyers (gasp) technically are supposed to do - therin shows an inherent dignaty of jurnalism as A.K.A the fourth estate. instead what i see is jurnalism as out and out entertainment and celebrity worship. i remember clinton's departure was covered when he left office. no i probably would not have watched bush but it is history nonetheless. we are loosing our freedom with this kind of sentiment. people should question their intolerance to others points of view, people are very intolerant these days and this is reflected in our media generally.

Fox is SOOO slanted, it's really nothing but a cruel and silly joke!
It's not really news and sure has nothing to do with journalism in the real sense.
Besides, who really cares about the little prince, that spoiled and sadistic little rich boy who never learned right from wrong or how to use the english language.
Today is a great day, the beginning of the end for the red-neck nation, the extreme right and all of it's terrible, failed ideals.
Now we can begin to join the rest of the world in the 21st century!
IF the damage isn't too deep...

Real news is supposed to be just that, news. It should be up to the listener/reader to form his or her own opinion based on the information provided. Unfortunately all the mainstream media outlets feel it is their duty to provide their opinions rather than the facts. This was demonstrated today with the media’s choice not to cover Bush’s arrival in Texas. No matter what your opinion of Bush is, he was still our President for eight years and deserves the respect that ANYONE who holds that office should be given. After eight years of media brainwashing it does not surprise me that so many people do not like former President Bush. I truly wonder if these same people will measure President Obama against the same measuring stick. I further wonder how many of the critics will ever attain a position even closely remote to the one achieved by Bush. It is easy to be a critic.

Ah Faux News, they just can't let him go!

Enrique...you sound like you've been drinking the MSNBC Kool-Aid for quite a while. Wise-up, Moron!

Suan, calling President Bush "a man of dignity" is hilarious. Did the media "slant" his many speeches where he struggled to put together a coherent sentence?

Maybe Fox News owed George for the coverage?? One Last Time...

President Bush was great. Obama has yet to do a thing and it'll be funny to watch him get sucked into the machine and come to the realization that he can't deliver on the majority of flowery b.s. he promised to a star struck voting bloc.

As to the scum who booed President Bush and sang "Good-bye", no big deal. It is well known you can't teach class and respect. Some people were simply not brought up right.

The Liberal mind is small, and is reflected in the agenda of journalistically dead media in this country- including this paper. For those of you who are out there thinking that FOX NEWS is a propaganda arm, well, studies have shown that they are almost dead even in the time spent covering both sides of the two party system. The others, both cable and network, fail utterly by compare.... FACT! For the 7 and a half hours of cumulative time devoted to morning news coverage by the networks concerning President Bush's farewell press conference from the day before.... 58 seconds was all they could come up with! Children! Just like the haters who crap on a President and an administration who have kept them safe for over 7 years. Safe enough to spout their very special version of hate. Little children. Need to go back to school and learn about what makes a healthy economy. IT AIN'T SOCIALISM....

The only real question is whether it is newsworthy. The Times disparaging reference to what it essentially characterizes as cheer leading appears to be its mocking attack on Fox. The implicit preference is also that if none of the other majors covered it, it must not be newsworth and that somehow proves Fox is simply expressing a political preference. Talk about pack mentality.

Considering that Fox covered President Clinton's arrival in Little Rock after returning home from his presidency, I think it only fitting that Fox be consistent. It is not the place of a responsible news organizations to omit legitimate and complete coverage of the transition of power based on personal issues that those on their production staff may have toward the former president. Fox appeared to be the only news source that acted professionally here.

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