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CNN's David Gergen tense as Obamas take a walk

January 20, 2009 |  1:42 pm

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walked only a few blocks when they first left their armored limo to walk down Pennsylvania Aveue in the Inauguration Day parade. But those first steps outside the vehicle were enough to make CNN's David Gergen hold his breath.

The senior CNN analyst knew of the extensive security concerns surrounding Obama as he walked along the route to the cheers of hundreds of thousands. He breathed a side of relief when the Obamas re-entered their vehicle after about seven minutes.

"That took a lot of courage," Gergen said. "The Secret Service cannot prove 100% protection."

Vice President Joe Biden and his family continued to walk while the Obamas rode for a few more minutes. The couple later went for another walk further down the parade route.

— Greg Braxton