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'90210' preview: Who's got a bun in the oven?

January 6, 2009 |  1:28 pm

Ha! No mystery here. A stork will be descending on one of our '90210'-ers all right, and given the number of  blatant hints thrown into the most recent episode, it should not be difficult to deduce which of the three ladies in question (Kelly, Brenda or Adriana) is expecting. (Hint: At least two of the ladies have not yet signed on to appear in episodes after tonight's airing.)

Elsewhere, we'll learn more about what Harry's suspicious new son Sean (guest star Josh Henderson) is really up to. New friend Christina will start to make a play for SIlver's man, Dixon. And if Brenda admitting that she slept with Mr. Matthews wasn't enough to rock Kelly's world, she's going to drop another bomb tonight. This one she's apparently kept in the dark for a long while. Could it be related to Mr. McKay? Perhaps love child No. 2? Probably not. Fingers still crossed.

And, oh, yeah, Annie and Ethan are going to do it. By a fireplace. At least the preview makes it look that way. And since she didn't get to do it last time with thespian boy ... you know, I'm not sure how them doing it matters to anyone. In fact, will someone who cares about these two kids please speak up? Leave me a comment. I'm dying to know why. Maybe I'm overlooking something. I'm open.

"90210" airs at 8 tonight on The CW.

-- Denise Martin

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